Why Manufacturers Can’t Track Uptime & Efficiency

I bet most manufacturers can’t really track uptime and efficiency Sorry for the inflammatory title. The purpose of this piece isn’t to challenge any manufacturers. In fact, the point of this entire article is designed to point out something I’ve noticed that several manufacturers are doing extremely well. Unfortunately, when it comes to uptime, resource performance, and efficiency,[…]


Manufacturers Should Ignore IoT

I’m sure this sounds crazy. In fact, I know it does. Given the trajectory of the industrial market, everyone in the manufacturing world knows that a connected enterprise is likely the future of most — if not all — manufacturing businesses. So why on earth should a manufacturer in this day and age ignore the industrial IoT? Shouldn’t they be doing the opposite? Shouldn’t they be investing resources, assigning teams, and building plans around their IoT strategy? I don’t think so and I’ll tell you why…


SensrTrx launches beta program

SensrTrx Launches Beta Program In North America

  SensrTrx Launches Beta Program In North America St. Louis, MO –  SensrTrx, a revolutionary new manufacturing analytics platform, today announces the launch of its North American beta program. This announcement supports the company’s mission to bring manufacturers affordable, easy-to-use, and effective analytics that allow them to implement cost-saving measures inside their business without expensive[…]