Top 3 Ways OEE Quality Can Be Improved

I talk about OEE more than just about any other subject. Manufacturers that understand the benefits of lean concepts and continuous improvement philosophies, know how impactful properly calculating and measuring OEE can be. Today, I’m going to highlight the top 3 ways that manufacturers can improve OEE quality. As you may remember, there are essentially 3 pillars[…]

7 Ways To Use Data To Improve Manufacturing Performance

Continuous improvement projects have never been more important to manufacturers. Companies are getting pressure from their customers to reduce margins and produce more. Doing this well requires the collection and review of production data to increase the effectiveness of operational equipment and production lines. Unfortunately, these projects fail at a very high rate. Below are[…]

top manufacturing twitter accounts you have to follow

Manufacturing Twitter Accounts You Have To Follow

It might be surprising to some, but the manufacturing community has a pretty strong presence on Twitter. Over the years, I’ve been surprised by the quality of content and conversation that has taken place on the choppy social platform, and wanted to do my part by sharing manufacturing Twitter accounts that are must follow’s for any manufacturing professional.

Regardless of department, there are high-quality Twitter accounts that are constantly providing great information and insight. Sometimes you can uncover this information by keeping tabs on industry hashtags, but the best way to stay on top of industry rumblings is by following the manufacturing twitter accounts I’ve listed below.