Performance by Shift

Looking at Data That Reduces Downtime

Recently Versatech underwent a project in order refine their ability to impact and improve manufacturing quality, efficiency, and performance. Versatech was able to use SensrTrx to look at downtime time and quickly solve issues as well as recognize negative trends inside the project. Versatech hoped that this new project would help them capture the data[…]

manufacturing downtime analysis

Why This Continuous Improvement Department Touts New Data

Versatech recently implemented a company-wide initiative aimed at using data to improve manufacturing performance and reduce reliance on overtime work. Their continuous improvement department was a part of this initiative and was able to successfully leverage their new centralized data to get off of paper and streamline processes. One of the biggest benefits for us[…]

Executive Evaluates Machine Data Project

Versatech recently sought to improve their ability to impact and enhance manufacturing quality, efficiency, and performance. Versatech CEO, Chad Hill, knew that further centralizing their manufacturing and machine data would allow the organization to improve operations and reduce their reliance on overtime work.  Verstech understood that their paper tracking system and reliance on manual tracking left[…]