One of the biggest misconceptions that new and potential customers have about SensrTrx is that the solution will take lots of time to implement, delaying a return on investment and taking a lot of time away from your staff to get it running.


A Typical SensrTrx Install (10 Machines)

Implementation can be accomplished in as little as 3-4 weeks, more often around 6 weeks, depending (of course) on the number of machines, custom integrations, and the data you need, etc.

Site Survey (8 Hours)

Every SensrTrx implementation starts off with a site survey. An engineer will visit your plant and survey all of the equipment you will be monitoring. This typically takes a day.

The engineer will need to be accompanied by a member of your maintenance or engineering staff who’ll act as a subject matter expert and guide while they gather the make and model of the individual machines, the machine data protocol it uses, and how you’d like to see it in the system.

Remote Training (3 Hours)

While the engineer is putting together an implementation plan which will define how the system will be configured and how the machines will be connected to SensrTrx, we’ll provide you with 3 remote training sessions to familiarize your employees with the software, so you can start using it day one. This will take 3 hours in total.

Connectivity and Mapping (40 Hours)

By far the biggest variable is actually connecting to the machines themselves and configuring the system to track and display the data you need. Typically this takes around 4 hours per machine, so we’ve pegged this at around 40 hours, or 5 workdays to complete. During this phase, we make sure that the data is flowing correctly to the SensrTrx gateway and can be viewed in the SensrTrx app.

Weekly Success Meetings (4 Hours)

Based on the 4-6 week timeline, within a month SensrTrx can start tracking data, but to ensure that you are getting the most value out of the software, we dedicate another 4 hours a week to meet with you and answer any questions you might have, delve into the data you’re collecting and help you use SensrTrx.

All told, Implementing SensrTrx on 10 machines takes around 55 hours of your time, far less than an ERP, CMMS, or MES system. That means you can start seeing data and the value of SensrTrx in about a month’s time.

That’s the power of plant floor visibility.

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