October 28, 2015

About Us

SensrTrx Mission & Vision


Help manufacturing companies collect and actually use the large amount of data coming from their machines and devices in an affordable, accessible, and easy-to-use way previously viewed as too expensive or too complex.

SensrTrx Vision

SensrTrx will revolutionize the manufacturing analytics space by making manufacturing data extremely simple, accessible, and cost effective. Rather than spending millions on data collection solutions, SensrTrx customers will now be able to access a solution for only thousands that is significantly less complex and easier to implement than the current methods that are available.

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The Reason the Manufacturing Industry Is Excitedmanufacturing analytics software company

SensrTrx is…

  • A manufacturing analytics platform
  • In the cloud and available to all manufacturing businesses
  • Designed to collect and display all actionable data from the manufacturing shop floor.
    • Machines
    • Devices
    • Work Cells
  • Built to take this actionable data and bring it instantly into dashboards that display it in ways that non-technical people can use and understand
  • Developing proprietary algorithms that will allow manufacturers to simply purchase a solution that shows them exactly how they can make parts of their business more profitable without constant configuration, technical staff, or costly software systems that quickly go out of date.

Why has this never been done before?

  • The amount of data collection is no longer a challenge due to cloud computing, big data storage capabilities, and innovations in machine learning technology.
  • SensrTrx is using light weight development technology (JavaScript, html, CSS, elasticsearch, AWS, etc.) to deliver solutions more precisely than the incumbent companies.
  • Most attempting to help manufacturing companies with these problems are either machine manufacturers or software companies. Both are more focused on other priorities rather than the ones SensrTrx seeks to easily solve.
  • Machine manufacturers are more focused on helping businesses ensure proper/efficient use of their machines (one by one)
  • Software companies are more focused on delivering configurable solutions that put the burden of configuration, action, and execution in the hands of the business.