Real-Time Alerts

Stay on top of plant performance with real-time alerts.

Configurable alerts via manufacturing insights emails and a mobile app let you know when the plant isn’t performing to standard.

Stay on Top of Plant Performance

The last thing you want to do is hear about problems after the fact when it’s too late to do anything about it.

Set up fully customizable alerts to know when problems occur on the floor, giving you the ability to fix problems now, rather than later. 

Alerts give you the ability to understand plant performance in real-time, even when you’re not there.

Identify & Solve Issues Faster

Based on conditions you set, get notified via pop-ups in the browser of the device you’re using, email, or mobile app if a problem arises.

Never again worry about missing problems on the floor or finding out about a problem without enough time to fix it.

Once you’re made aware, take the steps to correct it in real-time, ensuring your plant continues to operate efficiently and will meet production goals.

Escalate Alerts 

Notify key people of a problem and escalate alerts based on the importance and severity of the problem. Don’t miss any critical issues.

Alerts give you the ability to see the impact on productivity throughout the plant and make evidence-based corrective decisions.

Lean Manufacturing Analytics - SensrTrx Mobile for Monitoring and Alerts

Integrate with Other Software

Share data across your organization and systems. Alerts can trigger integrations with other systems such as:

  • Sending data to an ERP
  • Triggering a work order in Fiix
  • Printing a product label

All of these tasks can be automated and driven through alerts.

Case Study

Oral BioTech Saw a 73% Decrease in Downtime by Using Real-Time Alerts on the Floor

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See what’s happening on the floor with real-time alerts.