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Easily Supercharge Legacy Manufacturing Equipment

Supercharge Legacy Manufacturing Equipment Manufacturing equipment lasts a long time, I have been in plants that had equipment from the 40s, 50s, and 60s and those machines are still running strong. A lot of these machines have no electronics or if they do they are very simple. Therefore, our preferred solution of connecting directly to[…]

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Getting Off of Paper In Manufacturing

Illinois manufacturer, Versatech, recently underwent a project to reduce their reliance on overtime work. A major component of the excess overtime labor that they identified was related  — directly and indirectly — to a reliance on paper tracking and manual processes. Getting off tracking and paper, and a reliance on spreadsheets would allow them to[…]

Performance by Shift

Looking at Data That Reduces Downtime

Recently Versatech underwent a project in order refine their ability to impact and improve manufacturing quality, efficiency, and performance. Versatech was able to use SensrTrx to look at downtime time and quickly solve issues as well as recognize negative trends inside the project. Versatech hoped that this new project would help them capture the data[…]

7 Ways To Use Data To Improve Manufacturing Performance

Continuous improvement projects have never been more important to manufacturers. Companies are getting pressure from their customers to reduce margins and produce more. Doing this well requires the collection and review of production data to increase the effectiveness of operational equipment and production lines. Unfortunately, these projects fail at a very high rate. Below are[…]

Manufacturing Analytics vs Tableau

Manufacturing Analytics vs Tableau

Most manufacturers realize if they had the right data they could improve their manufacturing operations. Every manufacturing company wants to make a high quality product, as quickly and cost effectively as they can. Having the right data on production processes can help improve quality, update and increase throughput. “If you can’t measure it, you can’t[…]

Get Control of Your Manufacturing Schedule

I have worked in manufacturing technology for over 18 years building custom software and implementing ERP systems.Over those 18 years, I noticed something…. Almost every manufacturer that implemented a new ERP system struggled with the same core issues. On Time Scheduling Inventory Accuracy Quality Production Costing Even after they implemented an ERP system they had the[…]