April 15, 2017

Beyond OEE

OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) is a great standard for improving and monitoring processes. It helps companies quickly and easily identify issues on production lines and equipment on the plant floor. But as smart manufacturers already know, it does not tell the whole story.

Making OEE accessible to everyone

Using SensrTrx, you can go beyond OEE, and beyond Availability, Performance, & Quality, to second by second details of what was happening when a line went down, was running slow, or produced a bad part.

SensrTrx can show you speeds, feeds, pressure, temperature and any other metrics gathered from a sensor on that same line. This data is shown in the context of the production records and can be used for to solve and fix issues right at the source of the problem.

OEE in context – Spindle Load & Speed Example

This chart is looking at the load on the spindle when a tool has broken. We can see that spindle speed and load are somewhat correlated, but not completely. A high rate of spindle speed does not mean the tool is actually cutting.

OEE in context – Temperature Example

Your industry temperature, whether it is ambient temperature or temperature of a machine component, can have a big effect on quality. Tracking temperature, and linking it to quality and performance data, can help the shop floor figure out where adjustments might need to be made.

OEE in context – Pressure Example

Pressure in pneumatic and hydraulic systems is very important to proper operation of equipment. It can be hard to diagnose leaks and problems with equipment without long-term data collection. Again, just like the two examples above, pressure data can be correlated with quality, performance, and availability to understand why a system is running slow, producing bad a product, or went down.

The Future of OEE: Smart Sensors and Devices

Right now, many companies are working on smart sensors and devices to help monitor and improve the reliability of equipment. These sensors do a great job of detecting problems on a single piece of equipment, a valve, motor or pump for example. But what about the system as a whole?

That pump or valve is always a part of a larger system and manufacturers must be able to understand how the performance of that equipment fits in the overall picture. SensrTrx helps customers understand the root cause of production issues by surfacing data from these dependent devices automatically.

Getting started with SensrTrx

By implementing SensrTrx, you can set yourself up to take advantage of the Smart Factory without a huge upfront financial or time commitment.

SensrTrx is more affordable and easy to use. Our technology delivers the power of information in simple dashboards that are easy to setup. These dashboards put the power of saving money in the hands of every manufacturer.

See a video demo or custom demo of SensrTrx right now.