Calculate OEE – Simple Calculator & Formulas

Use our simple OEE Calculator below to quickly calculate OEE, Availability, Performance and Quality. Below the OEE calculator, we discuss the formulas and details of the OEE calculations.

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(minutes per part)


{{oee*100 | number:0}}%


{{capacity | number:0}}

Total Produced

{{totalQty | number:0}}


{{performance*100 | number:0}}%


{{quality*100 | number:0}}%


{{availability*100 | number:0}}%

cycle time formula and machine analytics

Let’s look at how we calculated your OEE above. The OEE formulas is:

Availability * Performance * Quality = OEE%

Let’s break down each component of the OEE formula:


To calculate availability we first determine the duration of the shift in minutes.

{{shiftStartFormatted}} – {{shiftEndFormatted}} = {{shiftLength}} minutes.

Then subtract breaks, lunches and planned maintenance included in Planned Downtime.

Planned Production Time Formula:

Shift Length – Planned Downtime = Planned Production Time

Planned Production Time Calculation

{{shiftLength}} – {{plannedDowntime}} = {{plannedProductionTime}}

Next calculate the operating time of the equipment. To do this subtract any unplanned downtime from the planned production time.

Operating Time Formula:

Planned Production Time – Unplanned Downtime = Operating Time

Operating Time Calculation:

{{plannedProductionTime}} – {{unplannedDowntime}} = {{operatingTime}}

Now we can calculate the availability percentage

Availability Formula:

Operating Time / Planned Production Time = Availability%

Availability Calculation:

{{operatingTime}} / {{plannedProductionTime}} = {{availability*100|number:2}}%


Performance is how the equipment is performing against its capacity. In this calculation we use the ideal cycle time and operating time to determine how many parts the machine can produce under ideal operating conditions. We then calculate the ratio of how many parts we actually produced vs the capacity.

Capacity Formula:

(1/Ideal Cycle Time) * Operating Time = Capacity

Capacity Calculation:

(1/{{idealCycleTime}}) * {{operatingTime}} = {{capacity|number:2}}

To calculate Performance we use the total parts produced, this includes any scrap or rejected parts.

Performance Formula:

Total Parts Produced / Capacity = Performance%

Performance Calculation:

{{totalQty}} / {{capacity|number:2}} = {{performance*100|number:2}}%


Quality is the ration of good parts versus total production.

Quality Formula:

(Total Parts Produced – Total Scrap) / Total Parts Produced = Quality%

Quality Calculation:

({{totalQty}} – {{totalScrap}}) / {{totalQty}} = {{quality*100|number:2}}%

OEE Putting it Together

Now we take each of the three components and put them in the the formula above.

OEE Formula:

Availability * Performance * Quality = OEE%

OEE Calculation:

{{availability|number:2}} * {{performance|number:2}} * {{quality|number:2}} = {{oee*100|number:2}}%

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