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An industry-specific software to give cannabis manufacturers the ability to know exactly how the plant is running, in real-time.

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What is Cannabis Software?

Cannabis software helps cannabis manufacturers get an understanding of how the plant is operating. 

It helps manufacturers meet quality standards, hit yield goals on a daily basis, reduce bottlenecks and loss, understand production per person per hour, and most importantly, deliver on time to customers. 

Cannabis Software for cannabis manufacturers

Features Designed for Cannabis Manufacturing

Get visibility into the plant, understand how it’s running, in real-time, and know if you’re on track to hit your production goals with a complete cannabis software solution.

What is cannabis manufacturing software?

Track if production is on target, ahead, or behind schedule, and enable operators to know where they stand at any given time.

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Oral BioTech Increased OEE 25% and Eliminated Manual Reporting with SensrTrx

“We use scheduling in SensrTrx that tells you, “You’re 90% through your theoretical yield for this particular job” which helps us quickly determine if we’re meeting the goal.”

John Bowers

Oral BioTech

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What are the benefits to using cannabis software?

Cannabis software platforms give manufacturers the ability to see what’s happening at the plant in real-time.

In the cannabis industry, a quality product is essential, not only for customer satisfaction but to meet quality standards. With cannabis software, manufacturers can calculate the quality of a product from data gathered and stop problems as they happen now, rather than later.

Measure and calculate quality, determine common causes of problems and receive alerts, effectively reduce scrap rates, and understand trends to see how the plant is running. You can even see how continuous improvement projects affect the scrap rate moving forward.

With labor tracking, you can get insight into production per person per hour, helping you to better meet demand.  Schedule according to need and labor, giving you the ability to know where you stand at any given time.

All of these features and benefits lead to higher customer satisfaction, effectively ensuring you’re able to meet customer demand and deliver on time. With cannabis software helping to solve common problems manufacturers face, you’ll be able to concentrate more on growing your business and driving revenue.

Does your cannabis software have a mobile app?

Yes, we have a top-rated mobile app built for both the iPhone and Android. With the app, you can see machine and operator data in real-time, whether or not you’re at the plant. Get machine cell OEE, downtime, and scrap alerts, all optimized for your smartphone.

In addition to a mobile app, we have configurable alerts to let you know when the plant isn’t performing to standard. Never again worry about missing problems. on the floor or finding out a problem too late to fix it. Get notified of issues via pop-ups in the browser of the device you’re using, email, or the mobile app.

There is even the ability to escalate alerts based on the severity of a problem.

How can software grow a cannabis business?

Cannabis manufacturing software can help to increase visibility, solve problems, increase customer satisfaction, and drive revenue.

With a cloud-based manufacturing productivity solution like SensrTrx, you can combat labor shortages, drive decision-making based on data, and generally improve the plant. Everyone is able to perform their jobs more effectively and efficiently, giving you a competitive advantage.

We also strive to help our customers become world-class manufacturers, not only through software but through lean manufacturing practices. With inights from our own manufacturing experience, as well as industry leaders, we guide cannabis manufacturers through a manufacturing playbook designed to help them improve processes while using SensrTrx.

What is the best cannabis software for cannabis businesses?

The best cannabis software is going to be whatever helps you achieve your business goals efficiently. It’s important to set your goals prior to beginning your journey of finding a manufacturing software solution. This way, your goals are pre-defined and you know exactly what you’re looking for, making the process of selecting a software that much easier.

Then, when you’re ready, do your research on software vendors. Determine who is going to help you reach your intended goals while providing the most benefit, both financially and professionally. Just as you would interview for a job, you want to interview the software company to ensure they can deliver on what you need.

At the end of the day, selecting a cannabis software is dependent on the needs of your company and how they will help you work towards making improvements.

See how you can get visibility into the plant.