Digital Marketing Associate

About the Role:

We are looking for a driven individual who is anxious to learn and make an impact through writing, email marketing, use of social media, and managing website and new product collateral projects.

If you’re the type of person that loves to learn, write about nuanced topics, develop effective marketing campaigns, and construct the resources that will be responsible for growing an exciting and innovative business … you might be whom we’re looking for!

What You Will Do:

You will be writing succinct content aimed at influencing and educating our audience, developing and executing email campaigns based on research and analytical data, managing social media, helping to organize events, and developing and managing resources on the web to grow our brand.

You’ll have opportunities to interact with customers, collaborate with industry partners and organizations, create unique case studies, and work directly with the company founder on thought-leadership opportunities and ideas.

If you love writing, are interested in developing your digital marketing skills, and want to be involved in directly impacting a growing business, SensrTrx might be right for you.

Ideal Candidate for the Role:

You’re intuitive, enjoy learning, and take pride in applying things that you pick up along the way.

You write for fun and have great writing samples to share. You consider yourself an expert in using Google Search to dig into the internet to research the answers to questions others might not be able to. You pay attention to details and can take something that has been done successfully and work backwards to duplicate that success again.

Most importantly, you are driven and know what it means to take initiative. You turn assignments and projects into goals. You love challenges and approach them with an, “I bet I can figure that out attitude”.

We are looking for someone who can take something they don’t understand one day and turn it into something they can pretend to be an expert on the next.

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