Automotive Wire Manufacturer Gains Visibility Into Their Process With SensrTrx

One manufacturer of tempered, stainless and carbon steel wires widely used in the automotive industry, knows the importance of a strong, quality product. Their wire products are used in suspensions, transmissions and crankshafts. There’s a lot riding on their reputation as a quality manufacturer.

When manufacturing wire products, materials are strung at high tension and tempered with high heat. Understanding these material thresholds, including what gauge and what type of wire will work best in the manufacturing process could save them thousands of dollars in reduced scrap.

Reliable reporting and real numbers led to insights into the manufacturing process and a better way to calculate OEE.

Their Visibility Challenge

Mandated by corporate to provide better reporting, the old way of tracking OEE and plant performance just wasn’t cutting it any more for this SensrTrx customer.

While widely regarded in the company as one of the most efficient plants in the fleet, they had no visibility into any inefficiencies that did exist, and no way to demonstrate their own productivity.

A Wireless Solution

The SensrTrx approach chose the best hardware for the job without costing them a fortune. Using Banner Engineering’s wireless sensors, SensrTrx inexpensively and securely connected their machines to measure cycle times and produce a reliable, realistic OEE.

These devices communicate over a private, secure wireless connection to our Gateway server, which in turn pushes data to the cloud. From the factory floor, a mix of newer and legacy machines now provides data on availability and cycle times.

Measuring Performance

SensrTrx manufacturing analytics fulfills their reporting requirement and gives them critical insight into their manufacturing process. By weighing material before and after and inputting that data into SensrTrx, they can now track scrap rates to better perform.

SensrTrx provides plant-level visibility they can confidently pass on to corporate, proving out their peerless productivity with cold, hard facts.

That’s the power of plant floor visibility.

See For Yourself The Power of Plant Floor Visibility

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