A Six Point Guide for Affordable, Achievable Digital Transformation Within A Year

If you are a mid-sized manufacturer, digital transformation can be a daunting prospect, but it doesn’t have to be scary. A slow, steady, and scalable approach can eliminate the risks and realize ROI within a year. We’ve put together a quick guide that seeks to maximize the benefits and eliminate the downsides while achieving goals[…]

In Manufacturing Analytics, The Build vs. Buy Dilemma Is Actually More Like Now vs. Later

As affordable SaaS solutions have entered the market and evolved, the case for building a homegrown system to manage critical manufacturing operations like analytics vs. buying something is more often than not a moot one. What Was Perhaps True Years Ago Simply Doesn’t Apply Today Given the SaaS options available, it simply doesn’t make sense[…]

Ways To Improve Manufacturing Energy Usage, Water Usage, & More

Ways To Improve Manufacturing Energy Usage, Water Usage, & More

Ways To Improve Manufacturing Energy Usage, Water Usage, & More

The discussion surrounding manufacturing analytics often quickly diverts to a conversation about analyzing machines, production, and operational elements of manufacturing. However, one of the new ways that top manufacturers are leveraging analytics is in how they use utilities like energy, water, and more.

Consider the way that a production line runs or the amount of water used on many factory floors. These efforts leverage a lot of resources, and not just the ones internal to the manufacturer.

Manufacturers are starting to realize these are not fixed costs. Utilities offer a major area for savings for a lot of manufacturers.


Software Can't Reduce Downtime... But This Can...

Software Can’t Reduce Downtime… But This Can…

Software Can’t Reduce Downtime… But This Can… A couple of weeks ago I was meeting with the VP of Operations at one of our customer’s plants. He said something interesting. “Software can’t reduce downtime, scrap or increase throughput only my team can do that”, he shared. “What your software does is solve a problem every manufacturer[…]

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Why This Continuous Improvement Department Touts New Data

Versatech recently implemented a company-wide initiative aimed at using data to improve manufacturing performance and reduce reliance on overtime work. Their continuous improvement department was a part of this initiative and was able to successfully leverage their new centralized data to get off of paper and streamline processes. One of the biggest benefits for us[…]

Improving Complex Manufacturing Line Layouts

One of the biggest issues that manufacturers face is inefficiencies in their manufacturing lines. This looks like manufacturing cells with bottlenecks, unscheduled downtime, and inconsistent throughput. This is one of the first places that experiences lean manufacturing leaders look to cut costs and increase important metrics like OEE. The secret to reducing costs and improving[…]