A Six Point Guide for Affordable, Achievable Digital Transformation Within A Year

If you are a mid-sized manufacturer, digital transformation can be a daunting prospect, but it doesn’t have to be scary. A slow, steady, and scalable approach can eliminate the risks and realize ROI within a year. We’ve put together a quick guide that seeks to maximize the benefits and eliminate the downsides while achieving goals[…]

Siemens’ MindSphere Champions A “Digital Twin” Concept For It’s IoT Platform

Siemens MindSphere is an IoT operating system that promises to help designers and engineers align themselves with your plant’s production and operations teams to create a “closed loop” in which engineering and operations address inefficiencies proactively. Their competitors in the space: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, IBM Watson, SAP, GE and PTC ThingWorx all claim IoT[…]

legacy manufacturing equipment wi-fi

Easily Supercharge Legacy Manufacturing Equipment

Supercharge Legacy Manufacturing Equipment Manufacturing equipment lasts a long time, I have been in plants that had equipment from the 40s, 50s, and 60s and those machines are still running strong. A lot of these machines have no electronics or if they do they are very simple. Therefore, our preferred solution of connecting directly to[…]


Manufacturers Should Ignore IoT

I’m sure this sounds crazy. In fact, I know it does. Given the trajectory of the industrial market, everyone in the manufacturing world knows that a connected enterprise is likely the future of most — if not all — manufacturing businesses. So why on earth should a manufacturer in this day and age ignore the industrial IoT? Shouldn’t they be doing the opposite? Shouldn’t they be investing resources, assigning teams, and building plans around their IoT strategy? I don’t think so and I’ll tell you why…


What is manufacturing analytics

Manufacturing Analytics, what is it?

Manufacturing analytics is a new class of software that brings predictive analytics, big data, industrial internet of things and mobile first design to manufacturing companies. As you read through this post you may think it is just another BI (business intelligence) tool, MES or SCADA system replacement. While there is some overlap between the products[…]

What is SensrTrx? It Will Likely Change Manufacturing Forever.

Small and medium-sized manufacturers have a big problem. Most of these manufacturers that I’ve worked with know that their machines are producing data that could help them prevent costly errors and save them tons of money, but the process of extracting and analyzing this data is clunky, complex, expensive, and hard to do. Throughout my[…]