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OEE vs OPE (TEEP) – Which Should Manufacturers Calculate?

OEE vs OPE (TEEP) – Which Should Manufacturers Calculate? What’s the difference between OEE and OPE metrics in manufacturing? This is an interesting question I see asked a lot. Below, I’ll get into the difference between OEE and OPE (which is also known as TEEP) and highlight the advantages of tracking both. In my synopsis[…]

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Easily Supercharge Legacy Manufacturing Equipment

Supercharge Legacy Manufacturing Equipment Manufacturing equipment lasts a long time, I have been in plants that had equipment from the 40s, 50s, and 60s and those machines are still running strong. A lot of these machines have no electronics or if they do they are very simple. Therefore, our preferred solution of connecting directly to[…]

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What Is The Cause of Downtime In Manufacturing?

The Cause of Downtime In Manufacturing

Downtime is one of the biggest problems in manufacturing. It is costly and damaging to all manufacturing businesses.

Downtime is caused by planned maintenance, tool breaks, adjustments and even bathroom breaks. Every minute a manufacturer’s machine isn’t up and running, there is a chance that revenue is lost. What’s more, unplanned downtime can be debilitating to manufacturers that rely on performance and quality to stay competitive in their niche.

Understanding what disrupts machine uptime is critical to preventing machine downtime and improving lean manufacturing processes.


How To Monitor Machines & Provide Better Service

How To Monitor Machines & Provide Better Service

If you’re an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), it’s easy to see why monitoring customer machines offers some big benefits for sales teams. However, many of the original equipment manufacturers we work with are actually most excited about the customer service attributes they’ve gained by being able to monitor machines in customer plants.

Below, I’ll run through how to monitor machines and provide better service to customers. I’ll also highlight how this can become an additional stream of revenue and how we’ve seen OEMs structure these kinds of models in the past.


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Machine Data Insights On Downtime Only Matter When This Happens…

Machine Data Insights On Downtime Only Matter When This Happens… You have machines on your plant floor. Sometimes they are up and sometimes they are down. Hopefully, when you expect them to be up, they are up and performing the way they are supposed to; meaning performing as expected, producing an acceptable amount of scrap,[…]

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Looking at Data That Reduces Downtime

Recently Versatech underwent a project in order refine their ability to impact and improve manufacturing quality, efficiency, and performance. Versatech was able to use SensrTrx to look at downtime time and quickly solve issues as well as recognize negative trends inside the project. Versatech hoped that this new project would help them capture the data[…]

Top 3 Ways OEE Quality Can Be Improved

I talk about OEE more than just about any other subject. Manufacturers that understand the benefits of lean concepts and continuous improvement philosophies, know how impactful properly calculating and measuring OEE can be. Today, I’m going to highlight the top 3 ways that manufacturers can improve OEE quality. As you may remember, there are essentially 3 pillars[…]

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Top Cause of Under Production & Downtime For Manufacturers

How much money am I losing by not running these machines? Am I producing to capacity? And, what is under production and downtime really costing my manufacturing business?

These are questions that even the best manufacturers should constantly be asking themselves. In the name of continuous improvement, these questions should permeate the walls of your shop floor like a metronome. Why? Because improving upon these answers can save you a lot of money!

What’s the difference between a dollar spent and a dollar saved? In this case, the opportunity to impact the bottom line through savings is much greater… let me explain.