You may be thinking you lack visibility into the company, specifically how the factory floor is running. With SensrTrx, you will gain immediate visibility into how the plant is operating, in real-time.

Easily apply manufacturing data in the context of the whole business. And, with visibility and accountability in sight, enable a culture of continuous improvement by giving employees the tools they need to understand and solve problems.

How Will Manufacturing Analytics Make My Job Easier?

  • Develop a common set of metrics to understand how each plant is running at any given time
  • Enable a culture of continuous improvement for employees
  • Get visibility and create accountability into plant operations
  • Receive easy to understand daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly data summaries
  • Easily apply manufacturing data in the context of the whole business

Resources Created Just for You

3 Things Successful Manufacturers Do With Analytics

By doing these 3 things, we’ve see our customers achieve amazing success with SensrTrx. Learn how you can do the same.

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ROI Calculator

Learn how to calculate the ROI of manufacturing analytics with the easy-to-use calculator. The benefits may be bigger than you realize.

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Zen and the Art of Manufacturing

Think of how smoothly your floor would run and the improvements that would result if the methodology behind the plant was zen. Curious to find out what we mean? 

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Tacony Achieves a 9x Return on Investment

By thinking outside of the box, Tacony was able to improve productivity and generate revenue in both operations and distribution.

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What is SensrTrx?

How Will SensrTrx Help in Other Areas of the Company?

VP of Operations

Focus on tangible, hard data to make decisions.

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Plant Manager

Get visibility into the plant, department by department.

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Production Manager

Eliminate manual reporting and determine if production is on schedule or not.

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Continuous Improvement

Find the problems, determine how to fix them, and make sure they stay fixed.

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Quality Manager

Determine where failures are occurring and why, in real-time.

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IT Executive

Ensure software is flexible, scalable, and above all else, secure.

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Manufacturing or Process Engineer

Stop tracking manually, find the problem areas, and fix them with data.

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Schedule production more accurately and see how jobs are progressing.

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Move from calendar-based maintenance to condition-based maintenance.

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