Cut Costs, Increase Performance, & Decrease Downtime With SensrTrx​

Below is a 1-minute demo showing how you can quickly and easily analyze downtime on machines or production lines with SensrTrx. Using Pareto analysis of downtime reasons you can quickly determine what changes will have the largest impact on downtime. SensrTrx will calculate total and average downtime plus the number of stops for a specific reason code or alarm.

SensrTrx Overview

See how SensrTrx can give you visibility into the factory floor, in real-time.

Replace Excel

SensrTrx will completely replace pen and paper and Excel in your reporting and provide real-time insights.

Reduce Downtime

How to use SensrTrx to reduce machine downtime and increase productivity.

Increase Capacity

Be able to produce more with the same amount of resources.

Reduce Scrap

See how SensrTrx can increase your quality counts and reduce costly scrap.

Automate Reports

How to use SensrTrx to automate end-of-shift, daily and weekly reporting.

Get Real-Time Visibility into the Factory Floor with SensrTrx

You’ll know exactly how the floor is running with manufacturing analytics. See Bryan Sapot, CEO of SensrTrx, deliver a comprehensive overview of how SensrTrx can impact the bottom line of manufacturers.