Full Factory Analytics


directly to PLCs, controllers and external sensors to pull specific reason codes and process data.

Never again worry about missing data points.


Automatically categorize without operator input by utilizing downtime reason codes, scrap reason codes, and scrap test results.


machine and operator data programmatically with relevant production data (i.e. shift, part, job, etc.).

Without context, your data is meaningless.

SensrTrx contextualizes meaningful manufacturing data, calculates KPIs and displays it in actionable dashboards that everyone in your organization can use.


your analytics to reflect how your plant floor and production line is organized (i.e. cell, line, dept., etc.).

Let form follow function.

Group machines into any combination of lines or cells so you can see how each station contributes to the performance of the line.

SensrTrx Supports 100+ Different Protocols

SensrTrx Enterprise Analytics includes some of the most common machine types found in manufacturing today. Connect to historians, process controllers, ERPs or PLCs.

Make The Invisible... Visible

See how SensrTrx takes all the data on the manufacturing floor and makes it understandable and accessible to everyone in an instant.

Focus on Improvement

Create a Data-Driven Company

SensrTrx provides analytics for all areas of your organization: production, maintenance, and quality. Use it daily in production meetings, end-of-shift reporting, maintenance and production run reviews to make evidence-based decisions affecting plant productivity.

Accelerate Root Cause Analysis

SensrTrx Enterprise provides deep dives into your manufacturing by associating process data (speeds, feeds, flow rates, current draw) with scrap, downtime, and production to help identify the factors that most impact availability, performance, and quality.

Fuel Continual Improvement Efforts

Using it daily will improve productivity, but putting SensrTrx in the hands of continual improvement professionals will be a force multiplier.

Use SensrTrx to:

  • Identify and prioritize kaizen events.
  • Measure continual improvement efforts.
  • Protect against drift once improvements are made.
  • Consolidate SMED gains for part changeovers and re-tooling.

Manage Costs in Real-Time

Using SensrTrx you can quickly and easily quantify the financial impact of your losses. SensrTrx can calculate:

  • Availability Loss Cost
  • Quality Loss Cost
  • Performance Loss Cost
  • Total Loss Cost

SensrTrx Mobile for Monitoring and Alerts

Gain visibility of the plant floor with your machine and operator data in real-time. SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics provides machine cell OEE and downtime and scrap alerts optimized for your smart phone.

Take Advantage of Enterprise Analytics

See how SensrTrx makes getting the data you want… simple.

Own Your Manufacturing Data

Leverage a Powerful API

Use SensrTrx to manage data in the cloud via the fully-functional API. Leverage your data in custom applications or use SensrTrx Managed Integration Services to share SensrTrx data across your organization and systems.

Export and Manage Data as Needed

SensrTrx manages up to 5 years of production data, at least. For organizations that need to archive their data into a historian or ERP, it’s easy to export data when you need it.

A Data-Driven Manufacturer

See how Versatech implemented SensrTrx in less than one month. Learn how improvements have been adopted by every department. Discover how OEE was improved. See what data was collected and what they did with it.