Integrate Fiix CMMS and SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics 

  • Enable communication between maintenance and production 
  • Move from calendar-based maintenance to condition-based maintenance 
  • Trigger preventive maintenance work orders
  • Collect process data to detect anomalies

The Platform for CMMS and Productivity Integration 

Simplify your maintenance and operations with a Fiix and SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics integration. Monitor machines or lines and with continuous monitoring, support preventive maintenance.

Using vibration and temperature sensors, transmit data to SensrTrx to understand trends, reporting, and analysis of data. Then, in Fiix, schedule maintenance, track inventory, and maintain workflow.


Send real-time meter readings, usage information, and other asset data to Fiix

Automatically trigger work orders in Fiix based on actual equipment performance


Track failure codes from triggers and events generated by SensrTrx


Immediately create work orders when equipment breaks down

Make smarter decisions on maintenance scheduling and purchasing

Eliminate unnecessary maintenance activities, maximize resources, and reduce costs

How Does the Integration Work?

Data is collected from equipment or people, fed into SensrTrx’s cloud-based solution, and translated into actionable insights for you. The data and insights give you the ability to make decisions regarding the productivity and efficiency of your plant, inevitably increasing profits.

Watch the Fiix and SensrTrx Integration Webinar to learn more.

“Knowing when machines are running informs efficiency improvement efforts moving focus between operator, machine and material issues.”

Matthew Dobson

President and General Manager, Custom Rubber Products