These are unprecedented times, but there’s no doubt, you’re already well aware of that. Can you think of a time in which the world virtually came to a halt, economically, socially, for an extended period? We can’t either, well, at least during our lifetime. While necessary to protect people’s health, the Coronavirus pandemic has caused a disruption for many in business, manufacturers included.

There are new challenges, difficulties, that were at one point, unimaginable. How do you tackle those challenges?

Everyone around the globe, including our SensrTrx team and manufacturers of all sizes, are all trying to figure out our new normal – navigating working from home (kudos to all of those parents out there working AND entertaining kids), maintaining service for customers, and generally, determining how we can keep going given the circumstances.

Talking to Manufacturers Taught Us This

We asked ourselves, “How can we use our resources to keep the supply chain going?” It was decided that during our own work from home time, we’d spend countless hours talking with manufacturers and determining how best to help the thousands and thousands of companies throughout the globe needing to ramp up production.

Here’s what we’ve learned.

As demand for products increases, manufacturer’s efforts to produce will ramp up, significantly, and more than they ever have before. The conversations we’ve had with manufacturers, of all sizes and industries, all lead to the same consensus.

Manufacturers will be facing numerous challenges:

  • Reduced workforce
  • Lack of insight into the floor by senior management
  • Inability to monitor and execute remotely
  • Deciding how best to manage costs

How Can You Ramp up Production Despite the Circumstances?

These aren’t challenges that can be ignored or pushed aside because, to be frank, manufacturing isn’t going to slow down for the foreseeable future. If the challenges aren’t solved, it will only create more issues for manufacturers down the road. So, how do you move forward given the circumstances, quickly and efficiently?

Products will need to be produced, and quickly, in order to supply the demand of customers throughout the United States and the world.

So, that being said, what’s the solution? How can manufacturers, of any size, any industry, or in any country, produce at a higher capacity, with a reduced workforce, and remotely monitor production all while managing costs?

Manufacturing Analytics is the Answer.

The answer is SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics.

We’re not boasting here, our solution is literally designed to shine in moments like this. Of course, it brings great benefits to manufacturers on a regular basis and will continue to do that, but for the many companies ramping up production to solve the world’s supplies needs, SensrTrx is the answer.

Specifically, here’s how we can help: provide visibility and increase capacity, throughput, and productivity.

Real-Life Examples, Explained

But, what does that mean for you, individually? In this next section, we’ll review a few scenarios in which manufacturing analytics can help.


Let’s say you are the Chief Operating Officer at your company. For you, it means being able to gain visibility into the floor while you’re working from home during the quarantine. Out on a walk with your kids to provide entertainment and release some of that pent up energy? Get notifications on your phone via our mobile app regarding the status of the factory floor.


Or, let’s say your one of the many food and beverage companies facing increasingly high demand for your products. SensrTrx can help you increase capacity and throughput, efficiently. By using the data collected from the line, you can find inefficiencies that cause:

  • Increased downtime
  • Increased scrap rates
  • Slow production

This enables your operators, managers, maintenance team, quality experts, and manufacturing engineers to work on solving these problems together and work towards the common goal of producing more product.

Focusing time on increasing capacity will allow you to produce more with limited resources and lead to increased profitability. If you can produce in 5 days what would normally take 8, why not take advantage of manufacturing analytics?

The benefits will be great during this time of high demand and uncertainty.


Let’s say you’re the plant floor manager trying to figure out how to keep production going with a reduced workforce, something that is entirely out of your control. We get it, these times are stressful, but with manufacturing analytics, you can use data to compensate for the lack of people and ensure production keeps going, even without the number of operators you’re used to.


Or, in the case of managing costs, you’re the CEO of the company. You have to figure out how to not only keep money coming in the door but maintain the costs of production without going over budget. By meticulously tracking data, you can get rid of inefficiencies, increase capacity, and as a result, increase profits.

Visualize Your Own Situation, How Can SensrTrx Help?

There are many scenarios in which a manufacturing analytics solution could provide big benefits to manufacturers.

With that in mind, think about your own factory, the product(s) you’re producing, the logistics of increasing production. Visualize your situation. How can manufacturing analytics help you through these times and beyond?

We’re all facing this time of uncertainty, but when we help one another, we can figure out how to navigate these unprecedented times.