Watch the Other Ways SensrTrx Can Help You Become More Efficient


Prove ROI with Data

With OEM analytics, provide exact details on the value of your machines based o quantifiable data.


Auto Forecasting 

Use customer data to plan your purchasing, production planning, and sales order process in your ERP system.


Provide Better Customer Service

See how you can provide better service to your customers with SensrTrx.

Build Better Machines

How do you decide to build a new product? How do you decide what features are most important to add? How do you even know how customers actually use your machines?

With SensrTrx, you don’t have to visit customers or rely on inaccurate surveys. You can see objectively what machines are used and what features will offer your customer the most value.

Learn more below about what kinds of insights you can gather using SensrTrx.

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