Case Study Webinar

73% Reduction in Downtime: See How H&T Improved Their Floor

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Use manufacturing analytics to monitor daily activities in the plant
  • Reduce downtime and overtime
  • Collect data to find and solve problems, quickly
  • Provide visibility to everyone in the company with dashboards, scoreboards, and a mobile app
  • Drive continuous improvement efforts

About the Webinar

Learn how H&T reduced micro stoppages by 71%, drove continuous improvement projects, and evaluated success based on data collected from the floor.

As the Operations Improvement Coordinator at H&T, Matt Hill is tasked with increasing the efficiency of the plant. 

Shortly after beginning his role at H&T, Matt realized there were large downtime events causing significant scrap, unplanned overtime, and increased costs.

With SensrTrx, Matt was able to solve all of those problems, while increasing revenue.

Bryan Sapot

CEO, SensrTrx

Matt Hill

Operations Improvement Coordinator, H&T Battery Components

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