Reducing Downtime by 73% to Eliminate Weekend Overtime

See How H&T Reduced Downtime by 73%

Matt Hill, the Operations Improvement Coordinator at H&T Battery Components, realized there were large downtime events causing significant scrap, unplanned overtime, and increased costs.

Downtime in the high volume, the high-speed facility was a significant problem. A solution was needed that would fix the problems on the floor and deliver a positive ROI.

“I’m a data-driven person and after backward cans in 4 machines caused 18 hours of downtime, we knew there was a problem. In fact, we were working on Saturdays trying to get the parts out.”

Matt Hill, Operations Improvement Coordinator

For Matt, that solution was SensrTrx. See how Matt and his team at the largest battery component manufacturer in the world were able to reduce micro stoppages by 71%, eliminate weekend overtime, and reduce overall downtime by 73%.

“SensrTrx was the simplest and most effective, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who asks.” 


“What gets tracked, gets improved and now we have a much better understanding of our stoppages and the frequency of stoppages.”