We started SensrTrx in 2015 with one goal, “Simplify the process of gathering and analyzing production and machine data from the plant floor.”

Manufacturers just want data they can understand in the context of their business. They want to know where to focus their time and improvement efforts. They don’t want complex software that requires new employees with an IT background. They want a system that can be managed by the people on the floor.

Over the last 3 years, we have relentlessly pursued all the ways we could simplify this for manufacturers.

One customer summed this up nicely:

“We are manufacturers, not developers. We don’t need a platform. We need software that does two things: 1. Tell me when my machines are down and why and 2. Count cycles.”

The COO of another customer said:

“Those dashboards and all that data are really nice, but we need to walk before we run. I really want to see when the machines are running and if not, why not. And I want to know how much product we made.”

We heard this sentiment repeatedly.

Most manufacturers are not ready for Enterprise Manufacturing Analytics. They need basic, accurate data before they can ever benefit from an enterprise solution. They also don’t need data directly from the PLCs or controllers in their machines. In many cases, they don’t have PLCs.

So, we created SensrTrx LEAN, a single solution that simplifies the problem of getting direct visibility into production and performance on the factory floor.  

We made SensrTrx LEAN to be accessible and affordable for every manufacturer whether they need to monitor 1 machine or 100 production lines.

Banner Engineering Wireless sensors come pre-configured and ready-to-install.

SensrTrx LEAN is easy because it only takes three simple steps to setup:

  1. Install Banner Engineering’s wireless sensors to collect data from the plant floor.
  2. Plug the Banner Engineering wireless gateway into an internet connection.
  3. Login into SensrTrx to see your real-time production data.

SensrTrx LEAN allows a user to begin collecting meaningful data on 1 DAY rather than weeks with other solutions.

By leveraging wireless sensor and wire replacement technology from Banner Engineering, we provide a pre-configured, peel-and-stick data collection solution. These sensors are wireless, and battery operated. They are specifically designed to count machine cycles and how much product is being produced.  

The hardware comes preconfigured and is easily self-installed. These sensors don’t need ethernet or Wi-Fi either. They communicate over a secured, encrypted and dedicated wireless network to eliminate cybersecurity risks.  

Using SensrTrx LEAN, manufacturers can see: 

  1. Real-time part counts 
  2. Real-time downtime detection 
  3. Andons and overhead displays of real-time machine performance 
  4. Up to date, accurate end of shift reporting 
  5. Trending and analysis of production data over any time frame 

This data allows manufacturers to see and fix issues when they happen. Supervisors can focus on problem areas in the line and analyze the performance of each shift. Employees hit production targets because they are being measured and they know where they stand at the end of each shift.  

Quite simply, SensrTrx LEAN creates visibility into which departments and equipment need attention from management, maintenance and engineering to make a meaningful difference. 

 You can watch a demo today on our website. Let us show you why SensrTrx LEAN can decrease downtime and improve throughput in your plant faster and more affordably than any other solution ever created.