How Does LEAN Manufacturing Analytics Work?

Deploy in Less than 1 Day


Install Pre-Configured Sensors

Receive pre-configured Banner Engineering sensors ready to install. Implementation takes less than 1 day from start to finish.


Connect Wirelessly to the Cloud

No wires needed. Easily connect to the SensrTrx cloud using encrypted wireless or cellular services. Start collecting data immediately.


Gain Visibility on the Factory Floor

Track your machines and begin seeing performance in real-time. SensrTrx provides actionable, money-saving dashboards from day 1.

Gain Visibility Into Your Factory Floor

See how SensrTrx makes getting the data you want… simple.

Increase OEE, For Real

SensrTrx LEAN Manufacturing Analytics is designed to track, understand, and improve:

  • OEE
  • Availability
  • Quality
  • Performance

SensrTrx collects data (manually or automatically), calculates, and analyzes important manufacturing KPIs such as cycle time, downtime, utilization, throughput, and many others.

Get actionable insights that can help you save money and improve performance.

Watch the demo to learn how a single data point from your machine can provide powerful visibility onto your plant floor.

SensrTrx provides alerts on downtime, slowdowns, machine stops & scrap in real-time and provides end-of-shift reports. 

Track Downtime with a Single Data Point

It takes a single data point from a machine for SensrTrx to detect if it is up or down. Those same machine cycles also tell us when a part is made.

SensrTrx contextualizes this to give you insight into downtime causes and help add in troubleshooting. Adding to this data can provide you downtime reasons and scrap.

Find out just how powerful a single data point can be with LEAN Manufacturing Analytics.

See ROI in 3 Months

Discover hidden savings and reduce on unseen cost. SensrTrx LEAN is designed to show ROI in less than 3 months.

Let us calculate your projected ROI today based on the number of machines you need to track and the amount of downtime you need to eliminate. Give your continuous improvement efforts something to measure and always hit your targets.

SensrTrx Mobile for Monitoring and Alerts

Gain visibility into the plant floor with your machine and operator data in real-time. SensrTrx LEAN Manufacturing Analytics provides machine cell OEE, downtime, and scrap alerts optimized for your smartphone.

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