Recently Versatech underwent a project in order refine their ability to impact and improve manufacturing quality, efficiency, and performance. Versatech was able to use SensrTrx to look at downtime time and quickly solve issues as well as recognize negative trends inside the project.

Versatech hoped that this new project would help them capture the data that was often times missed in the past. With the help of SensrTrx, the project was a success. Versatech was able improve the efficiency of their operations. With access to actionable data, Versatech eliminated their reliance on overtime work, reduced machine downtime, and improved machine performance. Check out the recent case study they performed highlighting their success.

Below is the summarized account of Manufacturing Engineer , Scott Strutner.

reduces downtime

How did you use data in the project?

  • Used SensrTrx to look at downtime and correlate instances of unscheduled downtime with specific events
  • We leveraged real-time data to look at machines as they were running on the manufacturing floor to ensure they were always running properly
  • In the beginning, we were heavily focused on uptime; ensuring the machines were up when they were supposed to be.

What were benefits of the data-driven project?

Being able to automatically collect and review all of the downtime and tie it to specific trends, events, and issues allowed Versatech to reduce unnecessary data-entry, overtime, and repetitive issues with machines. Automatically collecting the data with SensrTrx was what made the project easy to complete.

What was the highlight of the project?

  • Tracking machine uptime and downtime in real-time; essentially being able to monitor when something wasn’t performing right.
  • Recognizing trends, issues, and repetitive processes that were causing issues with downtime.
  • Looking at trends month over month to see what changed and how that effected production and machine performance.
  • Really, being able to see downtime in real-time and historically automatically without manual data entry.