Machine Analytics For Capital Equipment Manufacturers

SensrTrx allows capital equipment manufacturers (or OEMs) to use powerful visual data analysis tools to monitor their equipment at customer sites. SensrTrx Machine Analytics automatically collects real-time machine data and displays it dashboards that allow you understand exactly how your customers use your equipment. SensrTrx delivers this end-to-end to capital equipment manufacturers in less than 7 days without any costly implementations. What’s more, SensrTrx avoids all customer security concerns and provides a non-intrusive way to get the data you need.

Demonstrate Actual ROI For Sales

SensrTrx equips your sales team with the ability to walk into any customers location and show them how ROI will be generated and allow will you to monitor and demonstrate it once your machines are live on their shop floor. This helps — not only with new sales — but helping you to create undeniable value propositions to existing customers. 

  • Improve efficiency of selling into your pipeline
  • Demonstrate hard ROI for customers
  • Feedback information to engineering for product improvements
  • Act on opportunities faster and more effectively

Collect Real-Time Data From Your Customers Machines

SensrTrx supports 100+ different protocols, including the most commonly found ones in manufacturing today. Connect to historians, process controllers or PLCs without any added software or complex implementation.  Out of the box, SensrTrx can deliver you information about your machines without any customization or specialized configuration.

  • Honeywell
  • GE
  • Allen Bradley
  • Siemens
  • Many hundreds more.

Perform Remote Machine Diagnostics

Ever had a customer call you and wonder why a certain alarm code is going off? Wouldn’t it save that customer money – and you a lot of time – if you could quickly and easily monitor what was happening with that machine in real-time.

In addition to real-time monitoring, you can look at trends over time. Identify why a particular model may be causing alarm codes or downtime events. 

Be a hero for your customer. Solve both short – and long-term problems for them.

Oem machine analytics

Better Customer Service

Using SensrTrx Machine Analytics, companies can respond more quickly to customer issues. In many cases, notifying a customer of a potential issue before it becomes a big problem. Capital equipment manufacturers can recognize trends over time for a particular model across all customer sites to understand how to improve future models or find and fix recurring issues.

Dive down into the details of a specific machine at a customer site to understand exactly how the machine or model is performing and make both reactive and proactive suggestions that save you and the customer money.

Offer Preventative Maintenance and Proactive Service Plans

Build new streams of revenue for your business. Machine monitoring allows you to see how different models perform on customer shop floors across your entire customer base.

This gives OEMs the ability to offer service plans and preventative maintenance to customers.

This gives OEMs a recurring stream of revenue and helps customers save money they might have otherwise lost.

Understanding & Improving Utilization

Quickly and easily understand your customer’s machine utilization and help them get more value out of their equipment by increasing uptime. SensrTrx tracks each of the following by downtime reason code & machine:

  • Number of stops
  • Average duration
  • Total duration
  • Planned downtime
  • Total Productive Time
  • Many others

Feed Back Important Information to Engineering

Use the data collected from customer machines to learn more about how customers use your equipment. 

See what common issues arise and feed that information back to your product development and engineering teams to improve products and overall machine performance.

Understand how your products are really being used and use real data to drive a more data-driven product development process.