July 13, 2017

Manufacturing Analytics Case Study

Versatech – A Data-Driven Manufacturer

In late 2016, Versatech sought to improve their ability to impact and  improve manufacturing quality, efficiency, and performance. This lead to widespread improvements across the entire organization; including a reduction in the amount of overtime that was worked by multiple departments. This case study outlines their exact steps in doing so… in less than 6 months.

manufacturing analytics case study info

“We wanted to get off our paper system. We hoped that SensrTrx could help us collect data into a central database to improve the way we worked and that’s exactly what SensrTrx did”Chad Hill, CEO Versatech


The biggest benefit of SensrTrx to me was the ability to easily dig out whatever data I needed… I feel like this really helped us focus on specific problems better, and helped our entire business work more efficiently”, said Matt Perry, a production manager, that used SensrTrx on a daily basis at Versatech.

Download the case study

  • See how Versatech implemented SensrTrx in less than one month

  • Learn why the improvements were adopted by every

  • See the cost-savings data

  • Discover how OEE was improved

  • See what data they collected and what they did with it