Manufacturing Engineer / Process Engineer

As a Manufacturing or Process Engineer, you need complete visibility into the plant. You need to understand how processes are running and if there’s room for improvement but without visibility, this is virtually impossible.

With manufacturing analytics, you’ll know exactly how the floor is running, in real-time. No more guessing on when machines or parts need to be replaced. Get insight into your day to day processes, and most importantly, create effective communication between your team and others on the floor.

How Will Manufacturing Analytics Make My Job Easier?

  • Visibility into the design process
  • Understand how processes are running
  • Determine if improvements to processes need to or can be made
  • Know when machines or parts need to be replaced or upgraded
  • Break down silos of communication to understand where problems really lie

Resources Created Just for You

Case Study: Versatech Improved Uptime

SensrTrx helped the engineering department look at downtime in real-time so they could fix issues as they happened, not down the line when opportunities for savings and improvements were lost.

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Why We Partner with Banner Engineering for Hardware

“Why partner with Banner instead of creating your own sensors?” Well, the answer is simple – a global footprint, industrial hardware, and proprietary hardware without Bluetooth or WiFi.

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Interactive Course: IIoT & Manufacturing

Learn about the role IIoT plays in the manufacturing industry and the use cases for solving business challenges on the plant floor.

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Webinar: Start Small, Think Big, Move Fast

Manufacturing is evolving. But, if you don’t know where to start, it can be overwhelming. Learn how to use IoT and manufacturing analytics to improve productivity, eliminate downtime, increase capacity, and reduce costs.

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What is SensrTrx?

How Will SensrTrx Help in Other Areas of the Company?


Get a complete understanding of how the plant is running.

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VP of Operations

Focus on tangible, hard data to make decisions.

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Plant Manager

Get visibility into the plant, department by department.

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Production Manager

Eliminate manual reporting and determine if production is on schedule or not.

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Continuous Improvement

Find the problems, determine how to fix them, and make sure they stay fixed.

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Quality Manager

Determine where failures are occurring and why, in real-time.

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IT Executive

Ensure software is flexible, scalable, and above all else, secure.

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Schedule production more accurately and see how jobs are progressing.

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Move from calendar-based maintenance to condition-based maintenance.

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