Manufacturing Analytics To Drive Shop Floor Improvements

SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics organizes the most critical manufacturing data inside your business and delivers it in easy-to-use insights. These can be delivered via e-mail, by dashboard, by overhead display, or all of the above. Taking action on critical shop floor issues has never been easier. Reduce downtime, increase performance, and cut costs using information that is automatically collected by SensrTrx.

Automatically Organize Data In Actionable Formats

SensrTrx automatically gathers the most important machine insights from the shop floor and turns it into actionable e-mails, dashboards, and other easy-to-understand formats. Improve things like machine uptime, quality, scrap, and more by giving every job role the data they need to impact these critical metrics.

Right out of the box, SensrTrx will work with all of your machines without any customization or custom configuration. SensrTrx will automatically display important trends and indicators in digestible formats for all job roles. Have important information proactively delivered in emails or dashboards on a custom schedule.

The Data You Need, Delivered To Those Who Can Use It

SensrTrx is unlike anything else on the market. SensrTrx is super-simple to implement, affordable for everyone, and almost “dummy-proof” to use (our customer’s words, not ours). This means that SensrTrx not only collects the data from your machines, but analyzes it, and captures the most important trends and information.

SensrTrx immediately connects to your machines; allowing you to immediately reduce manual data entry and analysis. SensrTrx provides trends and information on day 1 that can allow you to improve uptime, performance, and much more.

Reduce Downtime, Increase Performance, Start Now

Get a 7-day recap, review a 30-day trend analysis, or get summary information for shifts or custom time frames. SensrTrx automatically creates the reports and machine insights that can help you see how everything on the shop floor is really working. Read more about it from one of our recent custom case studies.