It might be surprising to some, but the manufacturing community has a pretty strong presence on Twitter. Over the years, I’ve been surprised by the quality of content and conversation that has taken place on the choppy social platform, and wanted to do my part by sharing manufacturing Twitter accounts that are must follow’s for any manufacturing professional.

Regardless of department, there are high-quality Twitter accounts that are constantly providing great information and insight. Sometimes you can uncover this information by keeping tabs on industry hashtags, but the best way to stay on top of industry rumblings is by following the manufacturing twitter accounts I’ve listed below.

Top Corporate Manufacturing Twitter Accounts

While it stands to reason that businesses and technology corporations might not be the best place to get objective data regarding manufacturing news, information, and unbiased insights, that isn’t always the case on Twitter. As we learned with marketers in the early days on Twitter, businesses that are true thought leaders often make for some of the best follows on Twitter.

Below are several corporate Twitter handles that provide some really keen industry insights and information.

Cicso Manufacturing

A longtime technology leader, Cisco often talks about digital transformation, the IoT, and other forward-thinking topics that they do a good job of supporting with expert opinions and objective data.

Accenture Industrial

The consulting giant does a great job sharing industry trends and insights for key leaders.

GE Digital

For those that are interested in automation or the IIoT this one should come as no surprise. GE Digital shares some of the industries best data through their account.

Don’t forget to give SensrTrx a follow too. We share a lot of our data and insights through our account.

Top Manufacturing Trade Association Accounts on Twitter

Although you might expect trade association to dominate this space online (since they produce a lot of the conversation and conferences in the real world), there are actually only a few formally leveraging twitter to it’s fullest abilities.

Industry Week

In a weak class of accounts to follow, Industry Week stands out as a shining place to find breaking industry news, scuttlebutt, and key information about new data in the space.

Other To Manufacturing Influencers On Twitter

The real gold inside the manufacturing industry on Twitter is the conversation and content provided by some of the web’s most influential manufacturing figures.

Matt Littlefield

Matt is the president of LNS research, so he is a key follow if you like seeing the latest research and insights that LNS releases (HINT: You do).

Ray Wang

Like being on top of the latest most forward thinking and cutting edge research and ideas? Ray’s the guy to follow. As the CEO of Constellation research, Ray is the definition of an industry thought leader.

Mark Graban

Soon I’ll do a blog on top manufacturing blogs and resources to follow. When I do, Mark’s blog will be on the list. Mark is a great follow for all things lean.

top manufacturing twitter accounts you have to follow

Additional ways to be involved in Manufacturing Twitter

As I mentioned above, you can often find some of the latest manufacturing conversations on Twitter simply by staying on top of some of the most used industry hashtags. below are a few good ones to monitor on a regular basis.

  • #mfg
  • #manufacturing
  • #digitaltransformation
  • #IIoT
  • #IoTBizChat
  • #aerospace
  • #automotive
  • #leanmfg
  • #kaizen

Who’d I leave out?

Don’t leave me hanging. I’m sure there are plenty of great contributors worth being on the list. help me keep track of them all in the comments below.

See you on Twitter (@SensrTrx).