Case Study Webinar

25% Increase in OEE: See How Oral BioTech Got Visibility in the Plant

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Eliminate manual reporting 
  • Increase OEE by 25%
  • Reduce scrap by 99.8%
  • Use manufacturing analytics in daily production meetings to review performance and enact changes
  • Increase availability 
  • Get real-time visibility into the plant
  • Create a smart facility

About the Webinar

Learn how Oral BioTech was able to increase OEE by 25%, nearly eliminate scrap, and create a culture of visibility and transparency.

Before SensrTrx, Oral BioTech was relying heavily on a manual system where every hour, they’d update a whiteboard and use paper reporting. John Bowers, VP of Operations, implemented SensrTrx to automatically collect and contextualize data from the floor.

For Oral BioTech, using the SensrTrx software and Banner Engineering sensors has been great by providing real-time transparency into their process, while increase OEE and eliminating scrap.

Bryan Sapot

CEO, SensrTrx

John Bowers

VP of Operations, Oral BioTech

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