In the world of high-end strategic technology consulting, listening exclusively to the analysts can be a major liability.

Gartner, Forrester, LNS Research, ARC Advisors, Accenture, Deloitte– all smart people who know their business for sure; but in the world of manufacturing more often than not, the solution to complex problems is often a simple answer.

Take for example the dizzying array of IIoT solutions and platforms that have hit the market in the past few years either as startups or from the established manufacturing giants.

These products offer a powerful value proposition for those pursuing digital transformation:

  • Bi-directional data flow
  • A fully realized digital twin
  • Centralized automation
  • Enterprise system integration
  • Closed loop engineering and production
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Wow. Sign me up. I want it all right now!

Mythbusting IIoT Platforms

Wait. Stop. Hold On. Let’s back up, put on our practical hard hats for a second and break down some of the myths here.

The dream is beautiful, but the path to that dream is being so obscured by marketing and sales gimmicks, it’s hard to see through the hype anymore. Much of what makes up the dream is driven by futurists and isn’t what our customers say they need or want out of digital transformation, at least not in the short term.

The more we talk to analysts, read their research reports, attend their conferences and listen to the speakers, the more we see the unfortunate consequences of the dream peddlers: A huge swath of the manufacturing industry is being scared away by the exorbitant price tags and huge risks they have to shoulder for the kind of digital transformation the consultants, the analysts and the platform solution providers promote.

The Practical Solutions vs. The Platform Pipe Dream

“I don’t need an IoT platform,” an executive from an automotive manufacturing supplier recently told us. “We’re manufacturers not developers.”

In the words of one of our solution partners from Banner Engineering, a leader in industrial automation, “If you go to some of the IIoT conferences they all sell the dream. But for most manufacturers, like a lot of automotive parts suppliers, for example, they don’t need a quarter of a million dollar ERP/MES solution necessarily or a million dollar budget for a pie-in-the-sky proof of concept. They need to start simple with a solution that provides connectivity and gives them visibility onto the plant floor.”

Listening to him was like listening to ourselves talk about SensrTrx.

“I don’t need an IoT platform,” an executive from an automotive manufacturing supplier recently told us. “We’re manufacturers not developers.”

We are both solving customer real-world problems with plant floor visibility affordably and a proven ROI.
While Banner is revolutionizing data harvesting by offering a peel and stick wireless solution that works for any machine and communicates via a protected network, SensrTrx is aggregating and making sense of all the data that comes from your machines and your operators in a protected cloud environment.

“There really is no excuse now,” says a former analyst from one of the leading research firms to whom we vented a bit, ”the barrier to entry on IIoT and manufacturing analytics has never been lower.”

“Why then?” We asked, “Are all the analysts pushing the dream and not the solutions?”

Bottomline from Manufacturers: “Will The SensrTrx Solution Help Solve My Problem?”

If your problem is downtime? Yes.
If your problem is capacity? Yes.
If your problem is performance? Yes.

As a purpose-built application for manufacturers aggregating the kind of data Banner’s sensors pick up, using your machine’s PLC and combining that contextual data from your operators, SensrTrx solves for a ubiquitous problem in manufacturing: the lack of visibility and the inherent complexity of most every other solution available.

For those seeking to rapidly scale up from plant floor connectivity and analytics, SensrTrx can be used to implement predictive maintenance, trigger automated processes in your ERP or maintenance management systems, and feed data to your downstream systems. From a foundation of aggregated analytics you can begin to invest in the dream.

Our approach is to provide affordable, scalable manufacturing analytics that provides ROI within a few months. We do this by providing a flexible solution laser-focused on reducing machine downtime, increasing capacity and throughput, improving quality. By focusing on those things, we can guarantee ROI.

With SensrTrx you won’t need to hire a developer, require extensive training, make a capital expenditure, or pour money into expensive hardware.

Want to see an ROI calculation customized for our solution and your business goals? Click here.