On-Time Delivery Challenges

Stop unplanned overtime and heroic efforts to ensure customer on-time delivery.

Knowing if you’re winning the day can help you achieve your goals. How do you prevent on-time delivery challenges?

Ensuring production efficiency is up to par with manufacturing analytics will help you deliver on-time to your customers, without any heroic effort or fire fighting.


Win the Day

Understand if you’ve produced to schedule to ensure on-time delivery. If you’re behind, understand why, and know when to move resources around to ensure the goal is met.

Track Your Progress and Set Goals

Set goals to know what you’re supposed to produce every day and every week. Use those goals to track against progress, in real-time.

Increase Efficiencies

Increase efficiencies by reducing unplanned overtime, rework, and scrap, ultimately leading to consistent on-time delivery.

Win the Day

Know if you’re winning the day by understanding planned versus actual.

  • Am I ahead or behind?
  • Did I complete everything I needed today?
  • If not, why not?

Ensure every person at every level knows where they stand at any given time – operators, managers, supervisors, everyone in the organization. 

Track Progress and Set Goals

Create transparency and accountability within the organization by setting very clear targets throughout the plant. 

With SensrTrx, you can create reasonable targets, based on historical analysis of your performance. Inform everyone in the organization of the goals, know how to achieve the goals set, and track against progress made.


Increase Efficiencies 

Rework cuts into your ability to deliver on-time because of the non-value-added steps that need to be taken to either fix the product or scrap it. When this happens, it also creates the potential for unplanned overtime because you’re now running behind.

With manufacturing analytics, you’re able to get visibility into the processes, know if you’re ahead or behind schedule, and understand what you need to do to hit the target, ultimately reducing unplanned overtime and improving quality.

“What we’ve gained is a balance in the labor and not to overproduce if not necessary.”

Tacony knew they had problems with their backlog, but was unaware just how behind it really was. After getting SensrTrx up and running, the team in the West Chicago plant was able to find the inefficiencies, reduce a 14-week backlog, and provide on-time delivery to customers, as promised.

"Before we implemented, we had a 14-week backlog in our West Chicago plant, and the inefficiency of the backorders was significant. After 9 months with SensrTrx, we gained about half a million dollars of unrealized revenue."

– Nick Hinman, Vice President of Corporate Strategy at Tacony

Common Challenges in Manufacturing 

Lack of Visibility and No Accountability

Without visibility into the plant, it’s hard to know if you’re winning the day. How can you see what’s happening in real-time?

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Excess Downtime

Every minute a machine is not running represents lost opportunity. How can you reduce downtime on the floor?

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Manual Processes

Traditional, manual data collection is not timely or accurate. How do you ensure automatic data collection that helps to provide insight into what’s happening in the plant?

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Low Capacity, Throughput

Throughput is extremely important to a manufacturer’s ability to meet schedules and deliver on time. How can you increase capacity and ensure goals are met?

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High Scrap Rate & Quality Issues

Without real quality measurements, scrap is just money going down the drain. How can you reduce scrap and ensure quality?

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Too Much Unplanned Overtime, High Costs

Unplanned overtime causes significantly higher costs, decreasing the bottom line. How do you eliminate unplanned overtime to reduce costs?

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