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A scalable, productivity and analytics platform for manufacturers.

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Manual data collection to replace Excel & paper


Automatic counts, scrap, and downtime

Black Belt

Automatic downtime & scrap reason codes


Collect process data and find bottlenecks

Top Features

Scoreboard & Dashboard

See real-time performance numbers on the floor. Get insight into how your machines and the entire department is running with just a glance. Contextualize and visualize with SensrTrx.

Operator Interface

Save operators valuable time by using SensrTrx to collect production data. Track production, scrap, and downtime. With the operator interface, operators will know where they stand at any given time.


Import data into SensrTrx to create a useful production schedule. Assign work orders and track how close production is to the schedule. See if you’re on target, ahead, or behind schedule.



Gain visibility through email or mobile alerts.  Get a manufacturing insights email delivered straight to your inbox or receive machine cell OEE, downtime, and scrap alerts directly to your phone. 

Benefits and Features

Stop Problems as They Happen

Visibility into the factory floor

  • Real-Time OEE  
  • Scrap/Quality by Reason Codes  
  • Downtime by Reason Codes  
  • Real-Time Alerts  
  • Real-Time Scoreboards & Overhead Displays 

Win the Day with Accountability

Know where you stand against the schedule

  • Changeover Tracking  
  • Actual Cycle Time  
  • Scheduling & Work Management  
  • Operator Interface  
  • Real-Time Scoreboards & Overhead Displays 
  • Mobile App  
  • Real-Time Alerts 

Use Data to Drive Decisions Rather Than Based on Gut Feeling

Support continuous improvement efforts and sustain the gains

  • Visual Management  
  • Role-Based Dashboards  
  • Fire Stick App  
  • Manufacturing Insights

Eliminate Manual Reporting

Replace Excel & paper

  • Operator Interface  
  • Customizable Dashboards  
  • Role-Based Dashboards  
  • Pivot Table Reports 

Gather Data From Any Device, Anywhere

  • Manual Data Collection   
  • Automatic Data Collection  
  • Process Data Collection  
  • ERP & API Integration  
  • Support for 100s of Industrial Protocols 

Flexibility to Individualize SensrTrx

Customize to your needs and design the software to work for you

  • Custom Fields  
  • Custom Calculations  
  • API Integration  
  • Custom Rule Creation

Questions? We’ll help you decide which analytics product is best for your company.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will SensrTrx monitor my production process?

SensrTrx provides visibility into the manufacturing process through real-time data. Gather data, gain insights, and make decisions that will improve your factory floor. 

Track availability, reduce downtime, increase throughput and performance, improve quality and determine root causeand correlate process data with downtime and scrap, all in real-time with SensrTrx. 

How do I connect my machines and automatically gather data from the factory floor?

Connectivity is simple and straightforward. When you schedule a call with a member of our team to learn more about manufacturing analytics, we will ask a series of questions about your machines to help determine the best method of connectivity, and determine from there, the next steps that need to be takenMost of the time, manufacturers already have the equipment necessary to connect to the software. It’s that easy! 

 There are three ways we connect your machines to the software: 

  1. Hardware to connect existing controllers or PLCs 
  2. Sensors or wireless nodes to retrofit machines to collect data 
  3. In areas with no machines, an operator can provide data to PC’s or tablets 

During the sales process, we will help you figure out the best method to gather data from your machines, lines, or department.

We have a variety of solutions to connect to all kinds of equipment. Don’t worry – this a simple process that doesn’t take long. The entire implementation process can take less than 1 day.

What does the implementation process look like?

SensrTrx is designed with the busy manufacturer in mind – the implementation process is quick and straightforward. A SensrTrx engineer and account manager will walk you through the entire implementation process. A typical implementation consists of 3 remote training sessions and 1 on-site visit. Small implementations can be completed in 1 day. A full plant implementation typically takes 2 weeks.        


How do you keep our data secure?

We take data security very seriously. All of your data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Our data collection software only has the ability to push out to our software. SensrTrx is as secure as your network security todayWe run our software in a dedicated public cloud (AWS) environment. 

How does pricing work?

SensrTrx pricing is comprised of 3 components: 

  1. Licensing per machine (or line), per year
  2. Hardware needed to connect the software to your floor 
  3. Implementation fees 

 All of the pricing is fixed fee and very transparent. Do you have additional questions or want to learn more? Talk to sales today.


Can you integrate with my ERP system?

Yes, SensrTrx provides a managed integration service that connects with most ERP systems. In addition to ERP integration, SensrTrx can connect with hundreds of other manufacturing software commonly found in the manufacturing environment. 

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes, we have a mobile app. The app runs on the Apple IoS and Android operating systems using either tablets or phones. 

Who should I talk to if I don't know which product I need?

Every manufacturer has different needs, we get that. A member of our sales team can help you decide which product will be more beneficial to you.

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