June 29, 2017


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All features
Complex cell & line layouts
All Black Belt features, plus:
  • Tracking by station/machine
  • API Integration
  • Custom algorithms
  • Custom production line & cell layouts

Black Belt

Most Popular
Automated & manual data collection
Real time alerts
All Starter features, plus:
  • Automated data collection
  • No user input required
  • Analytics on raw machine data
  • 100 GB storage per machine
  • Real Time OEE


Replace Excel & paper
Tablet, PC, HMI data collection
Historical trending & analysis
Features Include:
  • Real Time OEE
  • Downtime tracking by reason code
  • Scrap tracking by reason code
  • Job tracking
  • Unlimited users


Automatic data collection
Real Time utilization calculations
Features Include:
  • Real-time utilization calculations
  • Automated data collection
  • Support for 100+ industrial protocols
  • Unlimited users
Features Enterprise Black Belt Starter Utilization
Custom Calculations
Custom Algorithms
API Integration
Complex Line Layouts
OEE by Station/Machine or Line
Real Time OEE
Millisecond Data Resolution
Automated Data Collection
Support for 100s
of Industrial Protocols
MQTT & REST Support
User Configurable Dashboards
Cost of Losses
Real Time Alerts
Manual Data Collection
Downtime Tracking
by Reason & Category
Scrap Tracking
by Reason & Category
Real Time Scoreboards
& Overhead Displays
Production Calendars
Team Tracking
Audit Log
Pivot Table Reports
Unlimited Users
Data Storage* 100 GB 100 GB 10 GB 10 GB
*Aggregated across all machines in a company, i.e. 10 machines is 1,000 GB of storage for the company.