The latest Rooted in Reliability podcast just dropped and Bryan Sapot and host James Kovacevic sit down to discuss data, reliability, and visibility on the plant floor.

Right off the bat, Bryan parses out how analytics can really be viewed as a performance and productivity or as a maintenance and reliability tool as you need it leading to one of those great conversations in which Bryan and James get to the heart of where analytics and reliability meet. James sums it up nicely as well:

“Manufacturing analytics gives you that visibility of what happened when and that is something you can’t do with traditional methods.

It also notifies you when there is an alarming situation and you can fix it before it gets worse. That saves a lot of time and money that you will spend on a failing machine. It helps you assess why the assets are failing and how you can stop it. So, it’s not just a data collection tool.”

Check out the whole podcast here or wherever you get your podcasts.