SensrTrx Announces Partnership with Ectobox

ST. LOUIS, Mo., March 17, 2020 –  SensrTrx has announced that Ectobox, a leading software consulting and development company, has become a certified partner of the SensrTrx manufacturing analytics platform.

In the manufacturing world, visibility into the factory floor is vital. Without it, there is no way of knowing if a quality product is being produced or if it will be delivered to customers on time. Manufacturing analytics software gives manufacturers the power to gain both visibility and accountability, in real-time.

Partnering with Ectobox will provide manufacturers around the United States with outstanding service and solutions that will move their businesses in a positive, data-driven decision.

“We’re excited about our partnership with Ectobox,” Bryan Sapot, CEO of SensrTrx, said, “Ectobox has a long, successful history in manufacturing and an abundance of manufacturing expertise,” Sapot added.

Ectobox is an industrial intelligence solutions company. They use data from manufacturing operations to help manufacturers become more efficient and grow. This includes handling challenges around machine downtime, reactive maintenance, lack of visibility to production and quality data

Kevin Jones, CEO of Ectobox says, “We’re excited about the possibilities we see in this partnership. Adding this product will enable us to solve many operational and production challenges for our small and mid-sized manufacturing clients. This tool will be a great compliment to the other software and consulting tools in our toolbelt.”

“With their knowledge and skill, I have no doubt our partnership will prove to be valuable and insightful for both existing and future customers,” Sapot added, “and I’m excited to see where this will lead, especially considering our partnership with Ectobox is the first in the United States.”

Our goal as partners is to help manufacturers produce a quality product and deliver to customers on time, with the guidance of data on the factory floor, from beginning to end. SensrTrx and Ectobox deliver the complete package as both a software solution and a software consulting service.


About SensrTrx

SensrTrx is a manufacturing analytics platform that provides visibility into the data from machines, devices, and people and puts it all into context. SensrTrx is revolutionizing manufacturing by offering a complete solution from sensors to data collection to analytics that provides real-time insights into the productivity of the factory. Those insights give a manufacturer the ability to reduce costs, ensure customer on-time delivery, and improve quality.

SensrTrx enables companies to start small, think big, move fast and easily grow from a single machine at one plant to thousands of machines across the globe with manufacturing analytics.

About Ectobox

Ectobox applies custom industrial intelligence solutions to manufacturing businesses to drive efficiency and growth. Ectobox is a team of software technologists who are driven to deliver outstanding business outcomes, passionate about using technology to solve complex business problems and have a proven track record for consistently exceeding customer’s expectations.

Ectobox specializes in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and customized software consulting and development and for growing data-driven businesses.

Contact: Lindsey Andrews
[email protected]
(888) 394-1043

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