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"Great Tools for Management and Operators"

“We have installed in 2 very different facilities and have had great results in both instances. We are working to move all of our operational KPI measurements into the ST environment to have a consistent platform not reliant on manual tracking in a spreadsheet. Looking forward to finding more ways to use the ST platform to help make us better.”

Ben W., Optimization Manager



“SensrTrx made the impossible, possible. At first, we tried to get help from our machine manufacturers and obtained no results. We then spoke to other similar companies and they all said that the connection to the machine PLC and to figure out the data points was not their thing. SensrTrx took on the challenge and we now have all of our critical machines connected.”

Ray J., Director, Manufacturing Engineering & Facilities


"Great Technological Solution"

“Great technology by the support team. Really understanding the needs of manufacturers and how to drive visual solutions and ease of use. Great solutions to make visible the productivity of any type of manufacturing equipment (new, used and old).”

Brett G., Director of Operations


"Game Changer"

“Excellent team of people that took the time to learn about our needs and our opportunities, then show us a path forward to getting the information we needed to get better in a multitude of areas. Straightforward layout that provides powerful and useful information that we can use to immediately impact our efficiencies.”

Cory J., Director of Operations


"Big Benefits"

“The biggest benefit of SensrTrx to me was the ability to easily dig out whatever data I needed… I feel like this really helped us focus on specific problems, and helped our entire business work more efficiently. It took less than a minute to change scrap codes (in SensrTrx), and on older systems, that was a 2-hour ordeal.”

Matt P., Production Manager


"Eliminate Paper Reporting"

“We wanted to get off our paper system. We hoped that SensrTrx could help us collect data into a central database to improve the way we worked and that’s exactly what SensrTrx did.”

Chad H., Chief Operating Officer

See How SensrTrx Compares

“How are you different than the competitors?” It’s a question we are asked often. The short answer is, SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics provides visibility in the plant, but there are many differentiating components. 

We’ve put together the following guides to answer that question, in more depth. 

SensrTrx vs. General Competition

While the benefits you’ll get from SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics are specific to you and will be largely based on your goals and needs, there are 5 key components that differentiate us from the competition.

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SensrTrx vs. ERP

Manufacturing analytics provides value that you can’t find in an ERP; real-time analytics which allows for immediate action and contextual data goes far beyond your ERP capabilities.

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SensrTrx vs. IoT (AWS and Azure)

Compared to an IoT platform, SensrTrx is purpose-built to connect machines and operators to the cloud in order to track production KPIs impacted by availability, performance, and quality.

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SensrTrx vs. Tableau

Tableau is a general-purpose business platform that does not help you understand your manufacturing data to improve uptime, quality, and performance of your factory.

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SensrTrx vs. SCADA

SCADA doesn’t explain what is going right or wrong, only concentrating on control and what’s not supposed to happen. Manufacturing analytics provides visibility.

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SensrTrx vs. MES

An MES system is designed to control the process, which is fine in process manufacturing or some highly repetitive manufacturing, but for most companies, MES does not work as well.

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SensrTrx vs. Power BI

Power BI will take additional implementations, products, and possibly consultants to perform many of the same functions manufacturing analytics provides.

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SensrTrx vs. Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is analytics that provides insights into processes, but many BI solutions are general, not specifically built for manufacturing. It lacks the ability to track many essential KPIs.

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SensrTrx vs. ThingWorx IIoT

ThingWorx is an IIoT platform used to build solutions on top of. With ThingWorx, manufacturers will have to build the solution themselves and is not a purpose-built, out of the box solution.

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Gain Visibility Into Your Factory Floor

See how SensrTrx takes all of the data on the manufacturing floor, makes it understandable, and accessible in an instant.