SensrTrx Announces Mobile Application for Manufacturing Analytics

SensrTrx, the St. Louis-based Manufacturing Analytics software company, announced today they have released SensrTrx Mobile for IOS and Android. SensrTrx developed the streamlined version of the original desktop and mobile-friendly application to further maximize the power of plant floor visibility through real-time alerts and performance monitoring on their smartphone.

Plant floor visibility allows manufacturers the ability to reduce downtime, improve throughput and capacity, and reduce scrap, among other benefits.

Plant Floor Visibility: Real-Time Alerts and Machine Monitoring

With SensrTrx Mobile, production teams can see availability, performance, and quality, across all of their machines and cells and view all alerts. By delivering event alerts directly to the app, supervisors and operators can respond to real-time issues immediately. Previously, alerts were sent out by email which while triggered in real-time were easy to miss when out on the plant floor. Now through mobile-native messaging, users receive alerts based on their own notification settings and preferences, meaning they will never again have to miss an important downtime event or issue that demands their attention.

The SensrTrx mobile application represents another major step of the manufacturing analytics company towards providing their customers unprecedented visibility on the plant floor. This release furthers the company’s mission to improving productivity through affordable data collection and practical, easy-to-use analytics.

The app is available to all SensrTrx users with an account at the IoS App Store and Google Android Play Store. Users have been enthusiastic about this new product feature, with one customer providing an App store review that reads:

Rob P., an auto-parts Plant Manager and SensrTrx customer, commented by email:

“Thanks so much! The next step is to get my leads to download the app so they can get real time alerts instead of having to rely on the email system.”

Poised to Lead the Manufacturing Analytics Market

With over 400 updates since the product launch in 2015, the company is committed to improving and extending the manufacturer’s visibility and increasing productivity on the plant floor. Together with the launch of SensrTrx LEAN, the company’s trademarked product consisting of 3rd-party sensors and SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics, SensrTrx is poised to be one of the leading providers of affordable and effective manufacturing analytics solutions on the market.

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