SensrTrx, not Sensor Tracks, for Manufacturers

What’s In A Name

Why did we elect to name our business SensrTrx instead of Sensor Tracks? For the same reason we created our technology: to make it simple, efficient, and effective.

Our Name: SensrTrx vs. Sensor Tracks

SensrTrx is shorter and is easier to brand. It is a single word that demonstrates both a brand and product. It is not easily confused and shares no likeness with other products, services, or manufacturing brands. We wanted our name to standout. The unique spelling and combination of the words allows our technology to stand out to those interested in manufacturing analytics and the benefits of simplified data collection.

sensor tracks

Thinking about every detail

Just like every part of our technology, we thought deeply about the benefits of a name like SensrTrx vs. something like Sensor Tracks. The shorter, branded name gave us unique SEO, branding, and marketing benefits. This meant being able to reach our audience faster and more effectively.

This is exactly how we built our technology. We wanted our core analytics application to provide immediate ROI. We wanted it to be simple to use and instantly beneficial to organizations that implemented it.

Hyper-focused on one problem

We are hyper-focused on making data easy to access, our technology quick to implement, and your ROI almost instant to achieve. That is it. We are not focused on building the next IoT or the next big technology platform.

That’s why we provide a faster and better return on investment to our customers than the major platforms ever could.  There are a lot of problems in manufacturing that still require a lot of manual effort. You have to pull data from many different systems to understand what’s happen or solve an issue. Capacity, quality, utilization and bottleneck identification are good examples. We solve these issues with our application.

We hope you’ll take a deeper look.