Software Can’t Reduce Downtime… But This Can…

A couple of weeks ago I was meeting with the VP of Operations at one of our customer’s plants. He said something interesting. “Software can’t reduce downtime, scrap or increase throughput only my team can do that”, he shared.

“What your software does is solve a problem every manufacturer has: visibility. Every manufacturer lacks visibility into what is happening in the plant and that is what you give them visibility into their operations.”

He was right, manufacturing analytics software can only show you where the issues are. Manufacturers still have to take action to fix them.

Once a problem is fixed the software can help you make sure it stays fixed and the problem does not come back. But, the manufacturer still has to do the work.

The ROI of shared information

When I look over our customer base and think about who is getting the biggest ROI out of the software it is the companies that share the data with everyone. They have integrated SensrTrx into their daily production meetings, they have dashboard subscriptions sending the right people shift summaries and weekly summaries of what happened on the floor.

These manufacturers setup alerts if downtime exceeds a certain threshold to make sure machines run when they are supposed to and are not overlooked when they are having problems.

This creates the visibility we talked about above and it creates alignment between the different teams engineering, maintenance, quality, and production on what are the most important problems to attack.

The power of visibility on the plant floor

Real-time visibility helps companies stop problems before they start – or an entire shifts production is lost.

How many times has a machine not run an entire shift and no one knew about it until that shift was over? This is the tip of the iceberg,

That doesn’t happen for our customers. Too many people would know and be able to step in to fix it.

Manufacturing Analytics software is a tool, any company that tells you it is an easy button to reduce downtime, scrap, etc. does not understand manufacturing.

We can give you the data and make it easy to understand but to get the real ROI out of the software but manufacturers still have to take action.

This is why software ultimately can’t reduce downtime.