January 27, 2016

Manufacturing Dashboards

Manufacturing Dashboards Overview

Manufacturing data is constantly changing and the needs of managers change just as fast. Companies need the ability to quickly view the right information at the right time.

Manufacturing dashboards need to be focused by role and only show the user what is important and not overload them with data. Manufacturing dashboards are a core component of SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics software. Using the dashboards employees at all levels of the organization can make informed decisions and quickly take action.

Manufacturing Dashboard
Manufacturing Dashboard KPI

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Unlike other dashboard solutions such as ERP or Business Intelligence (BI) SensrTrx includes the most commonly used KPIs like OEE, Quality, and Performance out of the box.

The KPIs are combined into role based dashboards to give the right people the right data at the right time. The KPIs and role-based templates enable companies to get up and running faster and realize benefits faster than other solutions.

Time Series Data

Time is a key competent in everything that happens in manufacturing. Data from many different sources needs to be reviewed in the context of time. SensrTrx Manufacturing Dashboards allows you to determine what happened on a specific machine that recorded more scrap than normal. Time series data is feed in real time into the dashboards allowing operators to know where they are against their targets.

Manufacturing Dashboard OEE
Manufacturing Dashboard Overhead

Overhead Displays

Viewing a manufacturing dashboard on a computer in the office is important. But the supervisors and operators on the shop floor need visibility to the data as well. SensrTrx Manufacturing Dashboards can be displayed on TVs in the break room and shop hardened displays over work centers or cells. Giving everyone the visibility they need in real time. When production is off target everyone can see it and appropriate actions can be taken.

Drill Down into the Details

Manufacturing Dashboards by design give users an overview of what is happening in the company. But when something does not look right users must get quick access to the underlying data to analyze the issue. SensrTrx Manufacturing Dashboards are built with manufacturing data in mind and enable easy drill down from the highest level of the company down to individual records measured in milliseconds.

Drill Down


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