Starter Manufacturing Analytics

Get Off Paper & Excel 

A surprising number of manufacturers still use manual data collection like pen & paper or Excel spreadsheets as their primary reporting tools. If you are one of them, Starter Analytics can help.

The Starter package of SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics provides contextualized manual data collection, calculates meaningful manufacturing KPIs, and displays them in actionable dashboards that everyone inside your organization can use on day 1.

Reduce Time-Consuming Reporting Tasks

Fully manual data collection is a full-time job for many manufacturers; save your employees and supervisors valuable time assembling weekly or monthly reports.


Improve the Reliability of Your Data

Spreadsheets are notoriously error-prone. Avoid common mistakes and human error using SensrTrx to collect and contextualize production data on your machines and operators.


View Reports

By putting your data into SensrTrx, reports can be viewed immediately. Start and end your shifts daily with timely reporting on what is affecting productivity.

Never Lose Visibility into Your Production

See how SensrTrx reporting automates end-of-shift, weekly, and monthly production reports.

Reliable Data Capture

Using a simple operator user interface, SensrTrx makes manual input of relevant production data easy, automating production schedules and allowing for operator input on downtime, part counts and scrap.

Tablet-Based Operator Input

User-friendly interfaces provide an easy way for operators to view and select:

  • Downtime & Downtime Reasons
  • Part Counts
  • Scrap Rates

Use a “Smart” Shift Calendar

Create a shift calendar to automatically provide operator context to your job schedules. Put data in the context of day/time, part #, machine/cell, and shift information.

SensrTrx Scoreboards provide real-time visibility by machine and cell.

Provide Plant-Wide Visibility

SensrTrx Starter puts your production data in the hands of your employees. Operator screens show detail by machine and provide manual input on downtime and scrap, scoreboards provide real-time updates to performance and downtime, while dashboards give managers unprecedented visibility on the line. SensrTrx starter provides:

  • Operator User-Interface
  • Scoreboards for Plant-wide Visibility
  • Dashboards for Managers and Executives
  • Alerts and End-of-Shift Reporting

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SensrTrx Dashboard Reporting

See the 4-Minute Demo on how SensrTrx automatically generates end-of-shift, daily, weekly and monthly reporting.

Throughput and Capacity

Immediately report on actual vs. target production numbers. Make sure schedules are met and customer orders are on-time.


See downtime reporting by machine, cell or line. Stop bottlenecks and maintenance issues before costs pile up.


Avoid costly scrap and quality issues. Track these by part and job to fine-tune cost reporting and reduce rework.

Data-Driven Productivity

Make Data-Driven Decisions

No more guessing on what’s affecting productivity. SensrTrx puts all your data in context so your employees can make evidence-based decisions on things like scheduling and maintenance.

Use trend reporting and Pareto’s to accelerate the root-cause analysis of issues in the plant. Dashboards can be configured with Pareto graphs, exported to pivot tables, and customized by role.

Operator Engagement and Productivity

Using SensrTrx to track and display production KPIs, show employees where they stand and what’s expected. Typically our customers see production numbers increase within a few weeks of using SensrTrx.

SensrTrx reporting can be used to:

  • Track performance against production targets
  • Identify top performers
  • Address issues before they become systemic problems.

Analyze Historical Trends Data

SensrTrx stores over 5 years of production data which can be viewed to provide historical context and trend analysis. See the top impacts on productivity throughout the plant and calculate their effect on your bottom-line. View or export your data for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly reviews as needed.

SensrTrx Mobile for Monitoring and Alerts

Gain visibility into the plant floor with your machine and operator data in real-time. SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics provides machine cell OEE, downtime and scrap alerts optimized for your smartphone.