Smart manufacturer’s know that digital transformation is a journey not a goal. The Smart Factory Summit is an event to help businesses confidently begin that journey.

The Smart Factory Summit is a free, manufacturer’s only event held on March 7th at the Edge Innovation Hub in Columbus, Ohio. It will be a full day of learning and networking for organizations interested in practical pathways towards digital transformation, improved automation, and a connected factory floor.

Attendees will learn from speakers and panelists from Siemens, Banner Engineering, Fiix Software and SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics discuss the best ways for manufacturers to invest in smart technology and start seeing productivity gains and ROI today, not years from now. Summit attendees will be treated to a complimentary coffee bar, lunch and a 2-hour happy hour.

Hear from experts presenting and discussing:

  • The importance and power of manufacturing analytics and machine data.
  • How to gather data securely from the plant floor.
  • Connecting legacy machines through wireless sensors.
  • Securing the funding from your organization to finance IIoT projects
  • Best practices on measuring availability, performance and quality (OEE).
  • How to implement preventative maintenance techniques and automate critical maintenance processes.
  • SaaS and PaaS, the next generation IIoT.

Schedule of Event (in Eastern Standard Time):

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM Registration and Complimentary Coffee Bar (free, but not a full breakfast)

9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Morning Program (includes speakers, panel discussion and Q&A)

12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Complimentary Lunch (free)

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM Afternoon Program (includes speakers, panel discussion and Q&A)

4:00 PM – 6:00 PM Networking Happy Hour (free)

Event Name: The Smart Factory Summit
Date and Time: March 7, 2019 @ 8:00 AM EST
@ Edge Innovation Hub
Address: 1140 Gahanna Pkwy, Columbus, OH 43230

The event is invite only, so if you’re a manufacturer or member of the press interested in attending, please register here.

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