There’s Only One Place To Find ROI From SensrTrx

Continuous improvement doesn’t look the same for everyone. If one were to ask ten of our clients what they were originally looking to accomplish with SensrTrx, one might receive ten different answers. It’s easy to assume that machine availability is the main focus, or maybe it’s scrap, or maybe it’s throughput, and it’s true that machine data analytics can help solve those specific issues.

What we’re finding is that just because we have a client who was able to increase their throughput by 30% doesn’t mean that everyone else can do the same. It’s all relative.

This means that we can’t really advertise one particular benefit, right?

Do we have a problem…?

As one might imagine, it’s a head scratcher from a messaging perspective.

We have all these clients who improved X issue by Y percentage, but it’s important not to alienate potential customers by talking up results that don’t hit home.

Further, a message that tells you we had a customer increase their throughput by 30% might sound like we think we can do that for you.

The reality is that each manufacturing environment is so vastly different, that 30% might be lower than what’s actually achievable. This is the crux of the issue – we don’t want to overstep and assume anything about how a customer is going to attain value from the software.

We only provide one thing… but you really need it

The key here is a unifying message. Every manufacturer needs one thing: visibility.

They want to monitor the machines on the plant floor for near real-time data analysis to get a peek into what’s really happening.

So what do they do with that information once we give them access to it? That’s where we say, “You tell us.”

We won’t tell them that we’ll help with solving downtime or scrap, but what we will do is give them access to the data they need in order to solve the issue themselves to the best of their abilities.

When we’re getting to know a potential client, we ask a lot of questions about how they intend to use the software. Those questions are equally as important for them as they are for us. If we can get them thinking about how they’re going to tackle the issues that truly need to be dealt with, we’re starting things off the right way and setting the tone.

SensrTrx is easy to implement, it doesn’t require specialized skills or the hiring of new employees, and it connects the whole organization from top to bottom with the right data each person in each role needs. We don’t determine the value of the software. Our clients do.

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