VP of Operations

Get visibility into how the entire company is operating. Ensure you have the capacity and can deliver on time to your customers with SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics. 

Move away from making decisions based on gut feeling to focusing on real, hard data to make decisions. Hold people accountable to the targets and goals set. Run efficient daily production meetings, all of which can be accomplished with strategic, manufacturing analytics software.

How Will Manufacturing Analytics Make My Job Easier?

  • Visibility into the plant from machines, devices, or people
  • Set targets that hold your teams accountable
  • Promote ownership of tasks, at any responsibility level
  • Receive automatic daily and weekly summaries of manufacturing insights straight to your inbox
  • Establish metrics to be used cohesively throughout the plant

Resources Created Just for You

Good Software Is Not Just About the Software

Traditionally, manufacturing software is very complex and not user-friendly. But, that’s not the big issue at hand. For software to be effective, it comes down to having efficient processes and good culture in place.

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Zen and the Art of Manufacturing

With Zen and the art of manufacturing analytics, think of how smoothly your floor would run and the improvements that would result?

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Implementing SensrTrx is Easier Than You Think

Believe it or not, SensrTrx has built a purpose-driven SaaS application designed specifically to keep costs down while providing invaluable analytics. Sound too good to be true? It’s not.

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How to Get a Good ROI from Your Manufacturing Software

“How can I ensure I get ROI from SensrTrx?” In this blog, you’ll learn how ROI starts from the top down. Goals, targets, and culture flow down the organization, which in turn creates ROI.

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What is SensrTrx?

How Will SensrTrx Help in Other Areas of the Company?


Get a complete understanding of how the plant is running.

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Plant Manager

Get visibility into the plant, department by department.

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Production Manager

Eliminate manual reporting and determine if production is on schedule or not.

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Continuous Improvement

Find the problems, determine how to fix them, and make sure they stay fixed.

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Quality Manager

Determine where failures are occurring and why, in real-time.

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IT Executive

Ensure software is flexible, scalable, and above all else, secure.

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Manufacturing or Process Engineer

Stop tracking manually, find the problem areas, and fix them with data.

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Schedule production more accurately and see how jobs are progressing.

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Move from calendar-based maintenance to condition-based maintenance.

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