How Can SensrTrx Help You?

Benefits of Manufacturing Analytics

Stop Problems as They Happen

SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics gives you visibility into the factory floor.

  • Real-Time OEE
  • Scrap/Quality by Reason Codes
  • Downtime by Reason Codes
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Real-Time Scoreboards & Overhead Displays
  • Preventive maintenance temperature, vibration, and velocity dashboards
  • Correlate process data with downtime, scrap

Automatically collect real-time manufacturing data, contextualize it, gather meaningful insights, and display it in actionable dashboards.

Gain Visibility Into Your Factory Floor

See how SensrTrx takes all of the data on the manufacturing floor, makes it understandable, and accessible in an instant.

Win the Day with Accountability

Know where you stand against the schedule
  • Changeover Tracking
  • Actual Cycle Time
  • Scheduling & Work Management
  • Operator Interface
  • Real-Time Scoreboards & Overhead Displays
  • Mobile App
  • Real-Time Alerts
As data is processed by SensrTrx, it is automatically contextualized with the EXACT information needed to understand your schedule, quality, throughput, and performance.

Use Data to Drive Decisions Rather Than Based on Gut Feeling

Support continuous improvement efforts and sustain the gains
  • Visual Management
  • Role-Based Dashboards
  • Fire Stick App
  • Manufacturing Insights

Eliminate Manual Reporting

Replace Excel & paper
  • Operator Interface
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Role-Based Dashboards
  • Pivot Table Reports

Gather Data From Any Device, Anywhere

 No complex configurations required
  • Manual Data Collection
  • Automatic Data Collection
  • Process Data Collection
  • ERP & API Integration
  • Support for 100s of Industrial Protocols
SensrTrx supports 100+ different protocols, including some of the most common machine types found in manufacturing today. Connect to historians, process controllers, or PLCs.

Flexibility to Individualize SensrTrx

Customize to your needs and design the software to work for you
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Calculations
  • API Integration
  • Custom Rule Creation

Calculate Impact of Losses

Use SensrTrx to quickly and easily quantify the financial impact of your losses
  • Availability Loss Cost
  • Quality Loss Cost
  • Performance Loss Cost
  • Total Loss Cost

Take Advantage of Manufacturing Analytics

See how SensrTrx makes getting the data you want… simple.