Starting at just $995 per year


SensrTrx LEAN™

The Easiest Way to Install, Connect, and Improve.

Our most popular product combines proven, wireless sensor technology with our purpose-built Software-as-a-Service. SensrTrx LEAN tracks availability, performance and Quality. A scalable solution built for any machine and any manufacturer, from fabrics to machine tooling, food processing to auto-parts. 

*Hardware may vary based on your machine and solution type.

Deploy in Less Than 1 Day

  • Easily Install Yourself
  • See Data in Dashboards Immediately
  • Unlimited Users
  • Wireless, Encrypted and Secure
  • Free Updates
  • No Servers or New Infrastructure
  • Technical Support Included
  • Starting at $995/Month

Data-Driven Productivity

  • Actual vs. Target Reporting
  • Utilization
  • Downtime by Reason Code
  • Scrap by Reason Code
  • Real-time Displays
  • Alerts and Dashboard Subscriptions


The Scoreboard shows machine performance in real-time.

Engaged Employees, Improved Performance

  • Real-time Operator Feedback
  • Real-time Scoreboards for the Floor
  • Dashboards for Supervisors
  • Triggered Alerts
  • Automated End-of-Shift Reporting

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Three Tiers of Pricing and Features

Find out which solution is best for your organization. (Starter, LEAN or Enterprise)

How Will You Use Manufacturing Analytics?

What problems do you need to solve on your plant floor? Talk to our technical sales staff to find a solution that works best for you .

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Innovative manufacturing businesses trust SensrTrx to pull critical data from the plant floor.