There’s a better way to manage the factory floor…

Get real-time visibility into the plant. SensrTrx gives you the ability to know exactly how the floor is running, in real-time. Increase productivity, improve efficiency, and save costs.

SensrTrx gives you everything you need to gain visibility into how your machines perform, including predictive monitoring.

Collect and analyze data from sensors and PLCs and display it on an operator interface. SensrTrx is a complete solution helping you do everything from end to end.

Know Where You Stand Against The Schedule 

Win the Day with Accountability

As data is processed by SensrTrx, it is automatically contextualized with the EXACT information needed to understand your schedule, quality, throughput, and performance.

“SensrTrx made the impossible, possible. They took on the challenge and we now have all of our critical machines connected.”

Ray Janoubei, Director, Manufacturing Engineering & Facilities at Mission Bell

Support Continuous Improvement Efforts

Use Data To Drive Decision-Making

  • Actual vs. Target Reporting
  • Utilization
  • Downtime by Reason Code
  • Scrap by Reason Code
  • Real-time Displays
  • Real-time Alerts
  • Automated Reporting

Replace Excel & Paper

Eliminate Manual Reporting

  • Operator Interface
  • Customizable Dashboards
  • Role-Based Dashboards
  • Pivot Table Reports

Replacing Excel-based reporting and being able to see and stop problems as they’re happening gives you the ability to gain visibility and accountability.

“What gets tracked, gets improved and now we have a much better understanding of our stoppages and the frequency of stoppages.”

Matt Hill, Operations Improvement Coordinator at H&T Battery Components

Learn How SensrTrx Empowers You 

“We wanted to get off our paper system. We hoped that SensrTrx could help us collect data into a central database to improve the way we worked and that’s exactly what SensrTrx did.”

Chad Hill, CEO at Versatech

Four Tiers of Pricing and Features

Find out which solution is best for your organization. (Starter, LEAN, Black Belt, or Enterprise)

PDCA: Plan, Do, Check, Act

What is the PDCA Cycle?PDCA stands for plan, do, check, and either act or adjust. It's essentially the foundation of...

Manufacturer Achieves 9x ROI

Tacony implemented a crawl, walk, run strategy to increase efficiency at their many plants. With SensrTrx, they were able to reduce a 14-week backlog to gain half a million dollars in revenue.

Manufacturers Working Smarter With SensrTrx 

Innovative manufacturing businesses trust SensrTrx to pull critical data from the plant floor.

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