Reduce Downtime

Easily collect actionable data that allows you to increase availability, uptime, and manufacturing production.

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Increase Capacity,
Improve Production

SensrTrx helps manufacturers find hidden capacity, get control of their schedules, and better understand things like scrap rates and manufacturing performance.

OEM Solutions:
End To End Machine Data

SensrTrx provides OEMs with everything from software to hardware to securely access insights from machines running on customer shop floors. Up and running in less than 7 days.

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Reduce Downtime, Improve production

SensrTrx is a manufacturing analytics application that works for every manufacturer right out of the box. See ROI in 60 days or less!
Reduce Downtime

SensrTrx collects data from machines, contextualizes it, and delivers it in actionable dashboards that allows manufacturers to increase machine uptime.

Increase Capacity

Find hidden capacity and get control of your schedule. SensrTrx instantly gives you the data needed to deliver on time to customers.

Improve OEE

SensrTrx users can proactively improve quality, throughput, scrap rates, and more. Objectively understand OEE inside your business and influence the things that matter most.

Monitor Machines

SensrTrx also provides solutions to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). Monitor machines sitting on customer shop floors.

What Can SensrTrx Do?

A Manufacturing Analytics Application Built for Manufacturers By Manufacturers
Easy, Affordable Analytics

SensrTrx is an affordable manufacturing analytics platform designed to collect and display actionable data from machines. Our solution helps manufacturers easily deliver more efficient processes, improve manufacturing performance, and assert greater control of operations. Using this data, manufacturing businesses can increase machine availability, productivity and quality to directly increase profitability without complex software or the help of IT.

  • Improve Uptime

    Better understand when the machines are up and when they are down. See why!

  • Impact OEE

    Automatically calculate and review OEE. See what's really happening.

  • Increase Capacity

    Quickly identify bottlenecks & other issues that affect performance as they happen

  • Improve Availability

    Track & identify costly downtime and change over issues as they happen in real-time.

Who We Work With

Innovative manufacturing businesses trust SensrTrx to pull critical from the shop floor
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