One Day. One Data Point. Unlimited Visibility.

 Knowing when machines are up or down, replacing Excel-based reporting, and being able to see and stop problems as they’re happening gives you the ability to make data-driven decisions. 

Collect and analyze data from sensors and PLCs and display it on an operator interface. SensrTrx is a complete solution helping you do everything from end to end.

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The Power to Scale

Start Small. Think Big. Move Fast.

Easily grow from a single machine at one plant to thousands of machines across the globe.

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Improve Manufacturing Productivity

Use Data To Drive Decision-Making

  • Actual vs. Target Reporting
  • Utilization
  • Downtime by Reason Code
  • Scrap by Reason Code
  • Real-time Displays
  • Real-time Alerts
  • Automated Reporting 

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Analytics at Your Fingertips

SensrTrx Mobile App

Gain visibility into the plant floor with your machine and operator data with real-time push notifications.

SensrTrx Manufacturing Analytics provides machine cell OEE, downtime and scrap alerts optimized for your smartphone.

Visibility Is One Click Away

Solutions That Help Your Business 

Track Availability and Reduce Downtime

You can determine the What, Why, Who, and When of all of your downtime. SensrTrx gives you the power to track availability and all downtime by reason code directly from the PLCs and operators. 

Reduce Downtime

Increase Throughput and Performance

Easily measure your actual cycle times and compare them against the standard. Identify bottlenecks and track cycle time improvements. Set up alerts when performance is higher or lower than normal.

Increase Throughput 

Improve Quality and Determine Root Cause

To calculate quality of a part, SensrTrx collects part counts and reason codes directly from the PLCs, other sensors or operators. Using dashboards, SensrTrx can help you determine the most common causes of scrap.

Improve Quality 

Correlate Process Data With Downtime and Scrap 

Process data can affect downtime, quality and throughput. If you correlate that data to the corresponding issues, you will know exactly when an issue occurred.

Correlate Process Data


Matthew Dobson, Custom Rubber Products

Matthew Dobson, Custom Rubber Products

President and General Manager

“Knowing when machines are running informs efficiency improvement efforts moving focus between operator, machine and material issues.”


Chad Hill, Versatech

Chad Hill, Versatech


“We wanted to get off our paper system. We hoped that SensrTrx could help us collect data into a central database to improve the way we worked and that’s exactly what SensrTrx did.”

Ray Jonoubei, Mission Bell

Ray Jonoubei, Mission Bell

Director, Manufacturing Engineering & Facilities

“Sensrtrx made the impossible, possible. They took on the challenge and we now have all of our critical machines connected.”


Three Tiers of Pricing and Features

Find out which solution is best for your organization. (Starter, LEAN or Enterprise)

How Will You Use Manufacturing Analytics?

What problems do you need to solve on your plant floor? Talk to our technical sales staff to find a solution that works best for you .

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A Data-Driven Manufacturer

Versatech sought to improve their ability to impact and improve manufacturing quality, efficiency and performance. Within 3 months, Versatech saw a 30% increase in OEE and reduced weekend overtime.

What is Manufacturing Analytics?

Manufacturing is purpose-built for manufacturers to gather data from machine and operators , contextualize it, and provide intelligence back to the plant floor.

Manufacturers Working Smarter With SensrTrx 

Innovative manufacturing businesses trust SensrTrx to pull critical data from the plant floor.

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