Production Planning & Scheduling

Know where you stand against the schedule, without complexity.

Production Planning and Scheduling

Optimize Scheduling

Production scheduling doesn’t have to be complex or tedious. SensrTrx provides visibility and accountability to manufacturers by enabling them to track how close production is to the schedule.

Plus, give operators the ability to know where they stand at any given time.


Import data from an ERP, Excel spreadsheet, or manually input data into SensrTrx to create a useful production schedule for the floor.

After data is imported into SensrTrx, a planner can assign work based on what needs to be produced and when and designate the machine or line that will be used.
Once a schedule is set, operators will use a work queue that shows all upcoming work for that particular shift or day. When a job is completed, the operator moves that job to “complete” and selects the next job.
Throughout the day, operators can track against the actual job/schedule to see where they stand at any given time. Track if production is on target, ahead, or behind schedule.

Case Study

Tacony Saves Over $500k in Unrealized Revenue by Reducing 14-Week Backlog with SensrTrx Scheduling

Track how close production is to the schedule.